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Effective change management is a crucial success factor in the automotive industry

Automotive manufacturers and suppliers alike are under constant pressure to shorten lead times while reducing costs. Most companies have responded by implementing JIT and lean manufacturing methodologies that require continuous improvement to optimise efficiency and meet ever tighter delivery targets. At the same time, consumer demand for greater diversity in car derivatives and options add increasing complexity to the challenge—not just in manufacturing and distribution, but throughout the business.

In an industry where success forces you to implement so many complex changes so quickly, the risks of making mistakes are enormous. How can you make changes with the certainty that they’ll achieve their intended results—before you commit to them? For many of the world’s most successful automotive manufacturers and suppliers, Lanner’s WITNESS simulation software is the answer.

One of the strengths of WITNESS is its flexibility. This makes the software ideally suited for use in the automotive industry, where material delivery, production, and distribution involve such diverse processes.

Lanner’s automotive customers have used WITNESS to address issues in such areas as:

  • trim operations
  • paintshop
  • body assembly
  • stamping operations
  • powertrain

  • production design and planning
  • Scheduling
  • facilities layout
  • supply chain logistics
  • capital equipment justification
  • engineering process improvement

These companies also report improved confidence in decision making, better communication of recommendations and team integration, and faster buy-in to proposed changes.