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Lanner’s digital twin technology connects your physical world assets, processes and consumable resources into a single digital solution that delivers valuable and actionable insight into your business operations and supply chains.

A digital twin of your business can surface the information you need to improve decision making, de-risk planning and delight customers with new experiences and competitive business models.

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Gain Deeper Performance Insight

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Accelerate Business Transformation

Digital Twins Empower Predictive Business Planning

Lanner’s digital twin solutions provide a single interface, connecting managers and planners to the vast amounts of data their organization is generating. Predictive digital twins make it easy to aggregate, visualize and experiment with business data to make better investment plans, resourcing schedules and operational decisions.

  • Collaborate

    Your predictive digital twin can be used to communicate decisions effectively, manage expectations and arbitrate between different business objectives.

  • Monitor

    Compare real-time process KPIs against simulated benchmarks, identify risk trends and alert exceptions fast enough to take corrective action.

  • Control

    Accessible anywhere, at any time, your predictive digital twin empowers you to take action and execute decisions rapidly, whether that is changes to resourcing, scheduling or business policy.

  • Automate

    Continuous optimization of end-to-end processes, managing operating exceptions using algorithmic and simulation-based solvers.

Industry 4.0: Demystifying the Digital Twin Briefing Paper

Demystifying the Digital Twin

Industry 4.0 is moving from the hype-cycle to the investment phase,with manufacturing firms launching innovative development projects to future-proof their competitive position. Digital twins may be the key to the success of these projects, but what are they and how should they be used? There have been many interpretations of the digital twin concept, having gained initial momentum within high-value product manufacturing industries such as automotive and aerospace, but the implementations are increasingly being found across many other sectors including in FMCG, food and beverage, construction, retail and energy.

Download a copy of Lanner's Executive Briefing on Industry 4.0: Demystifying Digital Twins and learn about the various types of digital twin and how modern businesses are embracing this technology to support innovation and answer market demands.

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Top 3 Reasons to Create a Predictive Digital Twin

Turn Data into Business Advantage

Understand how trends and market conditions affect your business performance and take advantage of insights to respond with confidence, faster than your competition.

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Rethink your Business

Develop and test new operating models, visualize new operating scenarios and have the confidence to implement changes to future proof your business and gain a competitive edge.

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Streamline Business Performance

Understand the critical factors that affect end-to-end business performance, profit and customer experience so that investment can be targeted at the right opportunities.

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