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Some of the world’s most successful Manufacturing companies rely on Lanner simulation software to help improve their productivity. In today’s volatile economic climate, a company’s ability to manage change goes a long way toward determining its success. The way a company responds to change can strengthen its position or jeopardize its survival. How can you be sure the decisions you make today will achieve the results you want tomorrow? For thousands of organizations, Lanner has the answer.

Just some Manufacturing companies that have benefited from using Lanner’s WITNESS simulation software include BAE SYSTEMS, Rolls Royce, Ford, IBM, Nissan, Britvic, Michelin, Airbus, Timken, Cummins, Flextronics and INCO.

Lanner’s Manufacturing customers have reported several quantifiable benefits from using Lanner simulation software, including:

  • Faster change implementation and reduced lead times

  • Higher throughput by eliminating bottlenecks

  • Increased capacity through better resource utilization

  • Reduced operating costs and lower capital expenditure