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Operation with both global and niche players, Lanner enables Business Partners across all industries and geographies with the power of predictive simulation. During volatile times this enables new decision-making certainty and value. More and more large companies are moving to customer value models which are based on outcomes. We work with these firms to ensure these models deliver for the client at minimum risk to both parties.

Collaborative Engagement

Clarity, Confidence and Trust

Visual, Scalable Asset Based Solutions

Better Client Solutions. Put simply, traditional spreadsheets are not capable of accurately solving many of today’s more complex business process problems. Often when such techniques are used they result in costly ‘over-engineering’ to safeguard recommendations. In certain cases, such as the design and build of a new facility, our partner needs to minimise the solution risk and maximise margin through solution ‘rightsizing’.
Scalable Simulation Solutions. Lanner have created Cloud-based technologies to deploy problem and client-specific decision support solutions consistently and at scale.
De-risk Solutions. Innovative new thinking, such as moving to a radically new digitally-enabled customer delivery model, incurs real business risk. These new ideas can be virtually prototypes and tested through predictive simulation and the decisions which emerge naturally command higher levels of client confidence. This promotes long-term client value-creation and trust.
Collaboration. The highly visual and dynamic nature of a predictive simulation solution enables higher levels of engagement across all business functions. This helps drive more collaborative involvement and solutions buy-in from client management.