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  • By Lanner
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  • Posted 18/06/2012

China’s Largest Construction Machinery Manufacturer Turns to Process Simulation to Validate and Optimise Productivity

Lanner, a provider of simulation software proven to maximise performance and optimise resources, today announced that Xugong, China’s largest manufacturer of construction machinery, has selected WITNESS by Lanner to optimise production throughput at its new loader factory in Xuzhou in the Jiangsu province.

In response to increased demand from the market, Xugong commenced a project to build a new loader factory in 2010. Given the scale of investment channelled into the factory, and greater complexity incurred through increased throughputs and a wider range of vehicles in production, Xugong needed to ensure that the best possible decisions were made to optimise the performance, productivity and profitability of the factory. Relying on the experience of key personnel was simply too risky, therefore the company selected WITNESS simulation software from Lanner.

Using WITNESS, Xugong was able to create a model of the factory and achieve a detailed, comprehensive understanding of how the factory would operate – factoring in all processes, variables and inter-dependencies. The model uploads details of a range of processes, including the cutting of raw materials; sheet metal; welding; painting and final assembly, into one overarching model to look at how different production rules impact each stage of the manufacturing process. Using the information from the model, the construction machinery leader is able to optimise throughput at the factory.

“The WITNESS generated model of our new loader factory has played a key role in helping us to fully understand the dynamics of the facility before it is actually built. Using the software, we can validate the new factory throughputs, identify bottlenecks and verify the new factory layout design,” comments Mr. Zhou Tian Lei, New Loader Factory Project Manager, Science & Technology Division of XCMG Construction Machinery Co., Ltd

“WITNESS’ reputation as a tool for supporting best practice, particularly in the global engineering and construction machinery industry, meant that we had absolute confidence that it would help us to make the best decisions to maximise production in our new loader factory. Simulation is the best way to identify the production issues, evaluate initial designs and validate decisions.”

“This application of WITNESS represents the largest project of its kind in China to date and cements WITNESS’ footprint into the China market,” comments David Jones, CEO, Lanner. “As the global economy continues to remain turbulent, businesses in all sectors recognise that they cannot afford to take risks associated with poor decisions. Simulation is a means of de-risking decisions, ensuring the most productive, profitable approach to new initiatives, and establishing a solid platform for growth."  

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