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  • Posted 03/12/2019

We are pleased to announce WITNESS Horizon 23.0 is now available to download, offering Lanner customers a software release that contains many of the foundations for implementing predictive digital twins with more powerful simulation experimentation.

The focus of WITNESS Horizon 23.0

The development of Horizon 23.0 is underpinned by a strategic move to enable wider experimentation and optimization capabilities for models developed on the WITNESS platform. Lanner is committed to the development of advanced analytical capabilities for its customers’ digital twins, including parametric experimentation for process design and optimization using the power of cloud and high performance computing (HPC) clusters. Horizon 23.0 is a key step in the journey towards enabling predictive digital twins deployed by our customers to take advantage of these future developments.

The Future of WITNESS Technology

Having been acquired in early 2019 by Dutch engineering consultancy giant Royal HaskoningDHV, Lanner has been able to accelerate its technology development for the WITNESS platform. Lanner’s technology roadmap now focuses on integrating the WITNESS platform with other key Royal HaskoningDHV technologies, including 3D environments & infrastructure design, parametric modelling, artificial intelligence and rich data infrastructures. The WITNESS Horizon 23.0 release contains many of the foundation elements that will be a prerequisite to take advantage of these developments in the near future. We recommend existing maintained customers login to the myLanner portal and upgrade today!

Additional Features found in WITNESS Horizon 23.0

  • Advanced Experimentation Tools including automated Run Length and Replication Analysis ensure experiments achieve statistical accuracy without the need for analyst intervention
  • Streamlined Experimentation Pipeline to help users run experiments with many simulations and get the results they require faster than ever
  • Scalable multi-core support for all license types allowing users to use their local resources to run more simulations in the time available
  • Enhanced Simulated Annealing Optimization algorithm with a more intelligent search capability based on the time and computing resource available
  • Various fixes and enhancements to Data Tables, Continuous Conveyors, Shifts and the WITNESS Horizon API

For a full list of enhancements, please view the  WITNESS Horizon 23.0 release notes.

“The new digital capabilities offered by our parent company, Royal HaskoningDHV, are an exciting addition to our established WITNESS platform. We are proud to be releasing Horizon 23.0 as it represents the first step in our ambition to integrate with these rich technologies. Lanner is better placed now, more than ever, to help our customers develop, implement and exploit predictive digital twins to future proof their business decisions and digital transformations,” comments David Jones, Lanner CEO.
“Today’s businesses are facing a challenging landscape of complex supply chains, operating models and skill gaps in the workforce. Predictive digital twins offer a way to help manage the risks and optimise the decisions faced by our customers. With access to Royal HaskoningDHV’s technology resources, market reach and engineering expertise, Lanner is perfectly positioned to help our customers to succeed and realise their ambitions.”

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