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  • Posted 22/06/2012

BAE Systems' Integrated Typhoon Availability Service Performance Simulation (TPS) team, supported by WITNESS from Lanner, has been awarded the prestigious 2011 Chairman’s Award for Innovation

The award recognises the team’s achievements in using simulation on a greater, more complex scale than has previously been performed at BAE Systems, with resulting benefits focused on better decision-making; service improvements; and cost savings across Typhoon operations.

BAE Systems’ Typhoon Availability Service (TAS) is incredibly complex, and involves aircraft maintenance, technical support, training and asset management to support operations. As part of an initiative to save £2 billion over the lifespan of the Typhoon contract (25 years), the TAS team identified a requirement for a solution which would analyse and contextualise the complex interdependencies involved in Typhoon operations, aiding projections and planning.

Using WITNESS from Lanner, the TPS now provides modelled performance and cost information to support decision-making by the management team. Specifically, TPS enables the Ministry of Defence, RAF and BAE Systems to make the best decisions, and define working practices by projecting future performance metrics, labour, resource consumption, cost and operational flying hour requirements.
"Through being able to make quantifiable decisions, our ability to boost service and improve operational readiness has increased significantly,” comments Geoff Pickering, Head of Modelling and Simulation, BAE Systems. “A good example of this can be seen in the redesign of our support solution at RAF Leuchars, which reduced costs while maintaining the same level of service."
"As a result of the TPS, the team can view projections of the service as it stands at any given time, and how changes impact revenue and cost and operational achievement. Key to achieving simulation on this scale was processing power which, in the past, has presented a barrier. However using WITNESS, we run up to 500 simulations each quarter, modelling high volumes of complex variables to provide up to date management information. Without the use of simulation on this scale, the kinds of projections we’ve been able to achieve would simply be impossible."

Presented annually, the BAE Chairman’s Award for Innovation is given to those individuals and teams which have during the year, through innovation, materially aided BAE to improve its processes, practices, technologies, and products to achieve the maximum benefit for customers, employees, and shareholders.

Each year entries are submitted from throughout the company world-wide by BAE Systems’ business units, teams, joint ventures, and other activities. Panels of judges review the entries and from them choose those of most merit. From these, winners are chosen for Silver and Gold awards. 

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