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  • By Lanner
  • In News
  • Posted 23/01/2013

BPSim to Drive Consistency, Flexibility and Ease of Adoption for BPM Professionals

WfMC’s Business Process Simulation Working Group (BPSWG), a group comprised of BPM and simulation software vendors and consultants, today announced the availability of a new standard designed to support the parameterisation and interchange of process analysis data within BPM projects. Designed with interoperability, ease of use and longevity in mind, the new standard, BPSim, will enable users to apply, use and grow simulation capabilities within BPM, safe in the knowledge that these efforts will not become obsolete as soon as a new generation of software is introduced.

Process simulation is a crucial element of BPM, supporting process design, reducing risk, optimising decision-making and improving efficiency. BPSim provides an open interchange-based framework for simulation scenario data, making adoption much easier and therefore encouraging wider application of simulation within the BPM community.

From a vendor’s perspective, BPSim will facilitate professionalism and best practice, harness competitive advantage and support both customer attraction and retention. Similarly end users will benefit from flexibility, fast deployment and readily available skills, all of which contribute to profitability and boost the bottom line.

“A business process simulation standard has been a long time in waiting. With the release of BPSim, the new business process simulation standard from WfMC, business process simulation can now take its rightful place as a viable technique to support process design, reduce risk of change and improve efficiency in organisations. Not only does BPSim provide an open interchange of simulation scenarios, but it also provides a framework for the specification of simulation scenario data and results as a firm foundation for implementation,” comments Denis Gagne, chairperson of WfMC’s BPSWG.

Geoff Hook, projects director at Lanner, a process simulation leader and one of the architects behind BPSim, comments: “Predictive analytics is playing a more pivotal role in today’s strategic requirement for BPM and an open standard which facilitates easier access to simulation capabilities represents a fundamental milestone for business process professionals.

He continues: “The availability of a standard which enables BPM tools to talk the same language, making exchange of process information, including both models, input data and results, is of great value to vendors and end-users alike. Of course, a standard only has value if it is used in practice, which is why Lanner has already implemented BPSim in its software and I would encourage our industry peers to follow suit.”

Further information on BPSim can be found at

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