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  • Posted 02/05/2018

Today, Lanner is pleased to announce the release of WITNESS Horizon version 22.0. This release focuses on IoT (Internet of Things) functionality, in response to stated customer demand and excellent feedback we've received from customers regarding our previous WITNESS Horizon version 21.0 release.

The latest  WITNESS Horizon, version 22.0, provides modeling and workflow tools required for developing predictive digital twins, supporting innovative new business process models and de-risking Industry 4.0 technology investments to support the foundation of a smart digital business transformation strategy.

In line with this strategy, the new release includes new enhancements including data management features which simplify integration and connectivity with external data sources, new data visualizations directly within the modelling environment and enhanced controls for data flow during experimentation and scenario analysis.

A new timeline visual provides insight into how business processes dynamically change state over time, offering deep insight into the cause and effect of variability and feedback loops within the business.

Major manufacturing customers have told us that providing new AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) functionality is fundamental to their digitalization plans, so we have responded by adding rapid modeling functionality for AGVs. This includes new enhanced AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) modeling elements with battery levels, recharge points and intersection controls.

Our latest release also delivers functionality to support predictive maintenance, given it is an early-stage Industry 4.0 focus area for many companies. New predictive maintenance functionality allows the modeling of a variety of predictive maintenance strategies.

WITNESS Horizon version 22.0 provides a more complete IoT modelling toolkit for those developing models to create Smart, Digitally Connected Factories. This release demonstrates Lanner’s commitment to provide a predictive simulation platform offering the most agile and productive modeling studio, with great connectivity, stunning visualization and cutting-edge experimentation and process optimization.

Maintained and subscribed customers can access the new version via the MyLanner support portal, where they can read the full release notes and access training materials and videos for the new functionality. Please contact Lanner using the 'Contact' button at the top of the page if you are interested in learning more about WITNESS Horizon version 22.0.

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