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  • Posted 06/09/2016

Metalysis, the Yorkshire-based additive manufacturing (AM) technology company, has partnered with leading predictive simulation provider Lanner to optimise operations of its Rotherham metal-powder processing facility. The partnership, formed through their mutual involvement with the AMRC (Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre), aims to demonstrate further how Metalysis’ revolutionary electrolysis technology could revitalise the UK metal industry, brought to life by Lanner’s WITNESS software.

Metalysis’ patented technology transforms ores directly into metal powders using electrolysis in just a single step. This technique can be used to lower the cost of producing high value metal powders such as titanium and tantalum, which can be used in a variety of new applications to satisfy the growing demand for low cost, light weight, high strength and corrosion resistant metals.

Partnering with Lanner, Metalysis used predictive simulation software WITNESS, to refine its production processes and help demonstrate how its electrolysis technology can be installed as a stand-alone production cell in existing facilities using a modular approach. Lanner helped develop a model of the production process which was able to analyse the scheduling of movements around the cell and optimise the achievable throughput for various products.

Dr Dion Vaughan, CEO at Metalysis says: “We chose Lanner because of their proven expertise in process validation and optimisation and the impressive capability of the WITNESS 3D software. To assist our long-term goal of increasing production of titanium and tantalum we needed a 3D virtual model to test the manufacturing process, so that we could identify potential bottlenecks and be confident in our decisions. The team at Lanner has provided us with thorough validated insight through simulation, which has added considerable value to the process.”

Andrew Aitken, COO of Lanner says “We’re delighted to have been so instrumental in helping Metalysis achieve their vision through the new and improved 3D functionality of WITNESS Horizon. Companies can no longer afford to view their businesses through static spreadsheets and backward looking thinking. Metalysis are a great example of a company who have used our simulation software to really connect their management teams to their processes and data. I have no doubt this will lead to a smart business future for them and success of their new facility and technology.”

The model also provided Metalysis with both 2D and 3D visualisations of the cell operation, providing a complete view for how the facility will look when it is in full operation. This is ideal for demonstrating the technology to potential customers and is now used by Metalysis as part of its visitor factory tour.

Dion Vaughan continues: “By using the simulation through WITNESS Horizon we were able to optimise the balance of performance and cost within our existing, and planned, facilities, which was critical to us in delivering on our strategy. The 3D model enabled us to really visualise how our new plant will operate before we even started production which has, and will, save us a lot of time and money as we were able to identify any potential issues well ahead of implementation. Being able to present all this to partners and potential investors has been invaluable to us and so far everyone involved has been really impressed.”

For more information on WITNESS Horizon and how it can benefit your business click here.

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