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  • Posted 24/06/2013

Michigan’s Lake Superior State University (LSSU), one of few United States public universities that specializes in robotics and automation for the manufacturing industry, celebrates its twentieth year teaching Lanner’s WITNESS to undergraduates.

Superior State University's (LSSU) School of Engineering and Technology have been familiarizing themselves with WITNESS 13, the latest version of Lanner’s flagship simulation platform. Lanner’s Academic Partnership program gives participant institutions, such as LSSU, access to cutting edge predictive simulation technology and an opportunity to share best practice with some of the world’s leading companies.

LSSU is one of many universities worldwide involved in the predictive simulation industry’s longest running academic program. The program offers faculty and students access to the latest version of WITNESS, comprehensive platform support, mentoring, and training materials for those teaching predictive simulation.

Predictive simulation technology has extensive capabilities for validating system designs and optimizing manufacturing and logistical processes, equipping students with sought after skills and experience as part of their engineering education.

LSSU Professor in the School of Engineering and Technology, Jim Devaprasad says,

"LSSU’s national reputation in the education and training of robotics as part of its engineering and engineering technology degrees focuses on modern technologies such as robotics, machine vision, programmable logic controllers, manufacturing simulation, and computer animation. Incorporating WITNESS into teaching gives students vital experience with professional simulation software in order to engineer their required real-world projects."
He continues, “Students in the robotics concentration are required to take a senior level course where they are introduced to WITNESS software. Often, WITNESS is specifically noted by the students as a software that they enjoyed working with. Their comments almost always indicate that they are comforted by the fact that there is a software like WITNESS to verify, validate, and optimize manufacturing decisions before implementing in the real-world.”

Lanner’s director of business development (Americas), Mandy Tague comments, 

"We’re pleased to renew our longstanding relationship with LSSU, an institution highly regarded by the industrial robotics and automation industry for offering a robotics specialization for its students at the undergraduate level.”

She continues, “Lanner’s Academic Partnership program is designed to facilitate research into predictive simulation based advanced analytics. Supporting educational establishments with best practice learned from real world examples and developing opportunities for employment of students within the WITNESS customer community are key goals for the program.”

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