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  • Posted 05/01/2010

New Lanner WITNESS edition delivers path to leaner, greener processes. 

Simulation experts add sustainability parameters to simulation software

London UK, 05 January 2010 - Lanner, the business process improvement company, today launched a new edition of WITNESS, its flagship process simulation solution. This edition will enable businesses to simulate options and make operational decisions to maximise performance levels whilst reducing carbon footprint and energy consumption.

The solution enables businesses to choose the metrics that matter most to them. From CO2 to electricity, oil, water, gas or even steam, all measures of sustainability can be modelled in any units. These can then be cross-referenced against business performance to strike the optimum ‘efficiency balance’ between operational performance, cost and environmental responsibility.

These new options are included in the latest version of Lanner’s WITNESS ‘Power with Ease’ software. The solution adds sustainability considerations to conventional simulation parameters aimed at reducing risk and costs.

David Jones, CEO, Lanner comments: 

“Businesses have asked Lanner for this sustainability focus in our software. Organisations such as Ford, 3M, BAe, Nationwide, GSK and GazProm must all balance concern for the environment with the realities of business. As a result the simulation software they use must track and optimise their use of the world’s scarce resources. WITNESS now offers the ability to explicitly address these issues as never before.”
“The release has been premiered in Tokyo at the WITNESS User Conference and to selected customer groups at forums in Detroit and Birmingham, here in the UK. Customers such as Nissan plan to use the new WITNESS software to model green developments of their own – for example in Nissan’s case it will help develop the new Battery Production Plant being built at Sunderland in the UK.”

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