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  • By Lanner
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  • Posted 20/07/2015

Leading Industry Players Join Forces to Service Rising Demand in Asia-Pac LNG Sector

Lanner, a provider of simulation software proven to maximise performance and optimise resources, today announced a strategic partnership with Australia-based TSG Consulting, a world leader in advanced analytics. The partnership brings together Lanner’s extensive experience and expertise in providing simulation applications to the global LNG market, with TSG’s powerful analytics capabilities and regional market insight. In turn this combined insight will enable both companies to offer an enhanced proposition to LNG companies operating in the region.

With Australia set to become the world’s second largest exporter of LNG, demand for tools which can scope and validate key decisions and planning processes across a project is escalating. The complex and capital-intensive nature of LNG projects means that companies must factor in a host of factors in order to ensure that risk is removed and returns can be forecast accurately. While some of these factors, such as volumes and orders, are fixed, many, such as values on the open market, shipping conditions such as weather, are variable. This heightens sensitivity to risk and makes comprehensive planning and forecasting difficult, if not impossible without the right tools.

Lanner’s LNG Simulator addresses these challenges through providing organisations with a comprehensive, rapidly deployable application which models every aspect of an LNG company’s planning to provide insight into the project, support decisions, and foresee problems further down the line.

“This partnership cements Lanner’s strategy to grow its market share in the Asia-Pac region,” comments Steve Hemsley, Solutions Director, LNG Industry, Lanner. “In the LNG supply chain even the smallest of issues can have enormous ramifications. There is limited opportunity for contingency to secure an alternative source of supply or reassign an alternative delivery point, and any delay is likely to have implications in the form of fines and/or wastage, resulting in large losses, therefore dynamic simulation has a pivotal role to play in de-risking and enhancing planning.
“Australia is set to become the world’s second largest exporter of LNG, and in order to capitalise on the opportunity and service the needs of the market optimally, we felt that the time was right to formalise the combined regional and industry-specific expertise of both Lanner and TSG. Through having both the local expertise together with global experience and proven technology, we are able to add substantial value to the LNG industry in this region and look forward to expanding our reach further.”

Craig Stewart, Managing Director of TSG:

“Over our 15 year history TSG has delivered solutions to the biggest resource and Infrastructure projects in Australia helping to provide billions of dollars in value. The scale of the new LNG projects requires a partner that inherently understands supply chains and can model and manage the complexities of these projects to support reliable delivery of LNG to clients around the globe with minimal disruption. This partnership forms an important part of TSG’s growth strategy and we look forward to working with the Lanner team in delivering strategic value to LNG projects in the Asia-Pacific region”.

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