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  • Posted 11/04/2014

Lanner’s Customer Success Manager Tony Waller headed a simulation workshop for students and faculty at Texas State University, Ingram School of Engineering at its San Marcos campus on April 7 2014.

Participants experienced an overview of the capabilities of Lanner’s award-winning WITNESS process simulation platform and exercises demonstrating how the technology can be applied to solve common challenges across different business sectors. Waller’s interactive presentation offered students and faculty an exclusive preview of the latest WITNESS 14 release due to launch this spring.

The workshop featured a short introduction to the software’s capabilities, explaining why WITNESS is the simulation software of choice for professionals who require flexible, rapid modeling capabilities. Practical experimentation and optimization techniques were illustrated with reference to major models including those built by some of the world’s leading companies including Nissan, Coca Cola, and Air France.

Also covered was a preview of the enhanced 3D graphical capabilities embedded within WITNESS that provides users with an enhanced visual communication medium to drive better-informed business decisions and improved process efficiencies.

Through its academic partnership program, Lanner works with undergraduate and graduate educators in business, engineering, and computer science programs to prepare students for careers in predictive analytics and process modeling. WITNESS is taught in over 200 academic institutions worldwide, offering a wide support network and accessible training materials that allow students to learn predictive simulation using the same tools as professionals.

Tony Waller, who has visited Texas State University-San Marcos before commented, “It was great to return to see the innovative projects that students at this university undertake under the leadership of Dr Jimenez. To also have the opportunity to talk to the students is a real bonus that replicates successful simulation lecture programs in the UK and with other key US academic partners. Simulation technology has extensive capabilities for validating system designs and optimizing manufacturing and logistical processes. Equipping students with sought after skills and experience in WITNESS as part of their education opens up a range of career pathways for graduates with many of the world’s best known organizations.”

Dr. Jesus Jimenez, Associate Professor, Ingram School of Engineering, Texas State University, commented, “Computer simulation has become an important business decision-making tool, capable of improving the efficiency and productivity of any company. Our industrial and manufacturing engineering students are trained extensively in simulation. We are so excited to host Mr. Tony Waller and receive a preview of the newest capabilities in WITNESS 14. This workshop is possible thanks to the strong collaborative relationship between Texas State and Lanner. “ 

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