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  • Posted 26/02/2013

Partnership will bring a new dimension to Lanner’s software

Lanner, a provider of simulation software proven to maximise performance and optimise resources, has signed a formal software development partnership with Virtalis, Europe’s leading Virtual Reality (VR) company. Lanner will license Virtalis technology, and the partnership will see development of enhanced 3D, 3D stereo-enabled (when using appropriate hardware such as 3D monitors and glasses) and Virtual Reality capabilities for its WITNESS simulation software.
"VR is all about decision making and so are Lanner’s products”, explained Virtalis’ managing director, David Cockburn-Price. “Lanner created the world's first visual interactive simulation tool and we also have many technological breakthroughs in advanced visualisation. Ultimately, we both help our customers to optimise and communicate their business efficiency and processes. We plan to bring a new dimension to Lanner’s software that will tear down communication barriers within their customer organisations.” 
The new 3D capabilities, due to be available within WITNESS later this year, will act as a bridge for existing Lanner customers who want to increase their 3D visualisation without investment in new hardware. Those wishing to add another dimension and view models in 3D stereo will have the ability to do so, provided the correct hardware is available. Virtalis has extensive 3D rendering expertise that can take pre-existing CAD and process models and 3D stereo-enable and VR-enable them at the press of a button.

Later in 2013, Virtalis Visionary Render for WITNESS will be launched, which will deploy all the most advanced VR techniques in the Virtalis arsenal. Lanner customers will have the option to experience their models in a truly immersive VR world. The platforms from which Visionary Render for WITNESS can be experienced will be extremely diverse, encompassing desktops and tablets, Head Mounted Displays and wall projected and multiple surface projected VR. These solutions form part of the Virtalis ActiveWorks portfolio of display systems.

Ian Dabney, Lanner’s head of products, said: 
“To the professional operational analysts who form the majority of our user base, the data is key. When you are spending billions building a gas pipeline or constructing a hospital that can successfully handle diverse processes or planning the manufacturing facilities for a new model of car, the critical thing is whether every single parameter has been considered. However once it has, and an optimal solution has been found, then this has to be communicated to the stakeholders, most of whom require help in moving beyond the pure maths into something they can understand through visualisation. For this reason, we didn’t want 3D from the beginning of the process, but we did want it to be quick and efficient at the end.

“We approached Virtalis because we want a long working relationship with a company that has both the skills and the people to enable us to leapfrog our competitors’ 3D capability. Later this year, our customers will be able to articulate their thinking visually, allowing people from very diverse professional backgrounds to work together in a shared, intuitive and collaborative virtual environment.” 

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