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  • Posted 11/04/2018

Equity Lifting Solutions and Lanner Announce Partnership to Improve Decision Support for LNG Lifting Across Asian Markets

Equity Lifting Solutions (ELS) and predictive simulation software company, Lanner, have today announced their partnership, which will see Lanner’s LNG Logistics Simulator become a valuable tool as ELS supports leading gas industry participants with their LNG Value Chain decision making processes.

‘Equity Lifting’ refers to the process where LNG equity holder’s offtake, or ‘Lift’, transport and market their LNG entitlement. All ‘Lifters’ are governed by complex operational obligations when taking part in an LNG project.

Based in Perth, Australia, ELS supports leading Asian market players in LNG, offering operational and strategic support for their Equity Lifting participation.

“For participants with minority interest in equity lifting projects, a delayed or cancelled cargo loading has enormous impact. ELS sought to offer its clients a solution which would assess loading date risk and enable confident scheduling decisions to be made.” comments Ken Chan, ELS Managing Partner. “This lead us to Lanner and their LNG Logistics Simulator, which integrates Lanner’s extensive LNG market knowledge into a configurable suite that can dynamically model the LNG value chain for 365 day (e.g. ADP) and 90 day (e.g. SDS) schedules. The statistically rigorous, multi-variable design of the tool lets ELS ensure that schedules developed by operator allocate risk to our clients in proportion to their project interest.”
“We are pleased to be part of this joint initiative that aims to address almost every element relevant to the volatile and dynamic demand and supply scenario in the Asian LNG business." says Steve Hemsley, Lanner Head of LNG. "Our partnership offers rapid risk evaluation and opportunity assessments to help LNG producers, shippers and consumers achieve the much needed balance between flexibility and certainty".

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