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  • Posted 01/05/2018

We are pleased to announce that the latest version of WITNESS Horizon, Version 22.0, is now available. This new release provides our modelers with new features and workflow tools to assist with developing predictive digital twins, securing business change investment and driving digital transformation as the foundation of a smart Industry 4.0 strategy.

This release demonstrates Lanner’s commitment to provide a predictive simulation platform offering the most productive modelling studio with great connectivity, stunning visualization and cutting-edge experimentation and process optimization.

To download WITNESS Horizon 22.0, visit the MyLanner Customer Portal  here.

Improved Connectivity Options

WITNESS Horizon 22.0 gives modelers control over their data flow and connectivity options. Import and export features have been simplified, and experimentation and scenario results are now even easier to control and analyse using the new data actions workflow framework.

Enhanced AGV Elements

New enhanced AGV elements allow users to rapidly prototype networks for a clear assessment of optimum performance requirements. These new elements include functionality for breakdowns, battery charge levels and route options for passing points and intersections.

Predictive Maintenance

With the need to save on costs and improve down time, Predictive Maintenance is becoming a strategic necessity to avoid costly, unscheduled shutdowns. New Predictive Maintenance functions allow modelers to anticipate major breakdowns via sensor feedback or operational conditions, then trigger maintenance operations that can prevent them from occurring.

Timeline Visualisation

Continuing the enhancements for data visualization capabilities, WITNESS Horizon 22.0 features a new Timeline visual as part of the charting designer elements pack. This offers users the ability to visualize the changing state of elements through simulation time, providing clear insight into how individual elements will impact the performance of a wider connected system.

For further information on the latest release of WITNESS Horizon Version 22.0, you can view the full Release Notes  here.

There are several video tutorials available on the Lanner YouTube channel, to guide you through the new functionality.

To download your copy of WITNESS Horizon 22.0, visit the  MyLanner Customer Portal today.

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