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  • By Tony Waller
  • In Blog
  • Posted 04/11/2014

The new version is available to download for maintained customers now. Find out more about this release in this blog.

The new 3D visualisation capability available in WITNESS 14 upgrades the previous Quick3D capability. Built on an all new architecture from Lanner’s 3D technology partner, Virtalis. WITNESS Quick3D is powered by the Virtalis Visionary Render engine supporting modern gaming like 3D displays. The architecture also takes advantage of modern multi-core computing to deliver seamless model navigation and stunning animations during simulation runs.

The new Quick3D environment is generated as before, with a single click building an entire 3D model view based on the 2D model layout meaning more engaging visuals without the additional workflow burden.

With simple direct import now included as standard, users can customise their model using the many open libraries of 3D objects allowing them to create stunning demonstrations and videos of simulations that enhance communication with business problem owners.

WITNESS users will notice the following major improvements:

  1. Improved performance – all models run significantly faster in the new software. Tuning the features on the various graphics cards available enables optimal frame rates and quality.
  2. Features such as shadows are available where supported by the graphics card – and the quality rendering and antialiasing is much improved.
  3. WITNESS 14 includes an enhanced library of shapes and objects
  4. Options to import new 3D shapes is now built into WITNESS
  5. Shapes may be imported using the popular COLLADA format (.dae) – delivering access to libraries of 3D objects directly from web and free products such as Sketchup and Blender.
  6. Queuing positions of parts in relation to machine shapes can be set up directly within WITNESS (the same applies to the position of parts on vehicles, vehicles on tracks, carriers on sections, parts on conveyors, etc).
  7. Lines, Rectangles and Ellipses may be extruded. Each layer in WITNESS may be extruded in a different material with different offsets allowing multiple layer 3D wall and other constructs. Each layer may be extruded in an imported color/image.
  8. An animation baked into 3D geometry can be controlled using WITNESS functions

Experience WITNESS 14 for yourself…

Maintained WITNESS customers can download the new version from the mylanner customer portal today.

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