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  • By Lanner
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  • Posted 24/08/2016

“When you’re gambling tens of millions of pounds of investment you need a bit more, you need some data and some facts behind you” Joe Barker, Head of Operations, Turbine Surface Technologies.

Speaking at the Lanner 2016 Predictive Simulation Conference, Joe Barker at TST (a joint venture between Chromealloy and Rolls-Royce) explains how predictive simulation technology from Lanner has helped them to fully assess choices and justify investment for change.

In this video clip Barker discusses why it was so important for them to adopt simulation in the first place, the benefits they have gained including investment buy-in and reduced lead time, and their plans for the future to embed simulation as a vital decision making tool within their business.

To view other examples of customer success stories from the 2016 Predictive Simulation Conference  click here.

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Turbine Surface Technologies provides anti-corrosion and thermal barrier coatings for aero engine turbine components. The company, owned equally by Chromalloy and Rolls-Royce, was founded in 2000.

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