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  • By Mandy Tague
  • In Blog
  • Posted 08/06/2011

Mandy Tague, business development director, Americas, takes a look at the issues facing the public sector within the US

"Austerity" was named the word of the year by Merriam-Webster dictionary in 2010, heard primarily in the context of government measures, I’m not sure that this is such a good thing. All we have to do is watch the daily news and read reports from the Congressional Budget Office confirming 241,000 layoffs since the start of the economic downturn here in the US, to know the public sector is making huge cuts – but can they still deliver much needed public services?

The dramatic changes that need to occur within the public sector to get the US on the right track seem at times impossible. It seems to me that the US Public Sector must immediately, and without delay, look to the modernized business remedies to address their critical issues, and one of those answers is a process methodology called "simulation"

Lanner's latest executive briefing paper highlights the efforts of Wychavon district council (a local government division in England) to optimize resources; as similar public entities face government imposed cuts of up to 28% over 4 years across England and Wales.

Wychavon is not the only UK government service taking the initiative to optimize processes and save resources either. Simulating process is an approach allowing decision-makers to determine the consequences of specific actions - but how does this apply to business?

Going back to Lanner's paper, Cheryl Peters, Business Improvement Manager at Wychavon District Council, who used simulation modeling to do precisely this, comments, "Process simulation really helps to bring multiple scenarios to life, so it helps us to quickly assess the pros and cons of project planning,” adding “so we can get a clear view on the best option to take"

Speedily deducing the 'Best Option' in these times of 'austerity' is of the essence. Process Simulation can literally be used to save a company; decision support tools like WITNESS software can achieve long term, sustainable cost reductions while improving services and protecting reputations. And I'm sure that America's public sector could learn a thing or two from their British counterparts in this area of resource management and service delivery.

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