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  • By Abigail Hancher
  • In Blog
  • Posted 24/07/2018

In June, Lanner hosted its 2018 Predictive Simulation Conference, which saw guest speakers from the AMRC, Gulfstream, Ford, Nissan and Safran all discuss how they have applied predictive simulation as part of their Industry 4.0 strategies.  

In this short video, discover the impact of predictive simulation and how Lanner is leading the way, creating Digital Twins that can de-risk and optimise business plans before implementation. Hear from attendees of the event and find out why they chose to attend!

The Conference also featured Guest Presentations from Gulfstream, Ford, Nissan, Safran and the AMRC with Boeing. Highlights from their presentations can be found below. 

Ford - Digital Twin Creation And Symbiotic Simulation Within Ford Powertrain Operations

In this presentation, John Ladbrook and Michael Higgins of Ford discuss the use of digital twins for Powertrain operations across Europe with the aim of answering management questions quickly for all new and future facilities.

To watch the full Ford presentation,  click here.

Nissan - The Use Of Predictive Digital Twins At Nissan

In this presentation, Martin Perkins and Stuart Britton of Nissan Manufacturing UK, discuss the various predictive digital twins they use to increase productivity at their UK plants.

To view the full Nissan presentation,  click here.

Safran - Development and Implementation Of Predictive Simulation In A Global Aerospace Group

In this presentation, Frédéric Bochu, the VP of Industrial Engineering at Safran Group, discusses the recent adoption of predictive simulation by Safran as part of their corporate toolkit, supporting all major investment decisions.

To watch the full Safran presentation,  click here.

AMRC with Boeing - Simulating the Smart Factory Concept

In this presentation, Ruby Hughes of the AMRC with Boeing, discusses the use of predictive simulation as a key Industry 4.0 tool for SME's exploring new digital transformation opportunities.

To view the full AMRC presentation,  click here.

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