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Take your simulations to the next level with Lanner's, a cloud-based service offering scalable WITNESS model execution for simulation experimentation is a subscription-based cloud service, enabling scalable model execution, either from within WITNESS itself or other external applications. Using the power of, users can execute complex models rapidly, using multiple cores on the cloud, without being limited to or tying up their own desktop WITNESS licencing or processes. The result is a significant reduction in time to answer complex business questions, with scenarios that once would take days to execute now taking a matter of minutes. 

Decrease Simulation Experimentation Time

Full API to Support Deployment of Simulation-Based Applications

Cloud-Scalable Experimentation Directly Within WITNESS

Cloud Access Directly Within WITNESS

With the launch of WITNESS Horizon 24.0, users can now access the service directly within the product, allowing for a seamless link between the desktop modelling environment and the cloud- based execution service. Users continue to build their models within the WITNESS Horizon desktop environment, but once the model is ready to be run, can be accessed easily, rapidly reducing the time it takes for the model to execute and return its results. Access to is offered as a subscription-based service, allowing for flexible access to cores on the cloud. Significantly cut the time it takes to run and experiment with complex models and increase productivity to enable smarter ways of working.

cloud access Web Portal

Web Portal Access is ideal for modellers who wish to submit models and experimentation data for simulation without impacting their personal computing resources. WITNESS modellers can manage the service via an online portal interface and view the simulations submitted to the service. To get started, modellers will need to register for an account at and sign up for an evaluation license.


Applications no longer need to come packaged with an embedded simulation engine and can instead access this capability using the secure REST API.

Offering scalable simulation power, applications can submit models and experimentation data to the service using the REST API. then queues experiments and scales its execution cores, running simulations in parallel and ensuring results are accessible to the client application in the quickest possible time. API Workflow

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