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What’s new in this release?

  • The Data Table element can connect to a Database source via a SQL ‘SELECT’ Statement for Input tables
  • The Data Table element can connect to a Database target via a Table selection for Output tables
  • Data Table columns can be mapped to Database connection columns on the Data Table columns grid
  • Data Tables with no columns defined that are connected to a Database source or target can automatically create columns in the Data Table with the correct type and mapping
  • New functions DTGet/SetInputSQL, DTGet/SetOutputTable & DTGet/SetMapping have been added to configure the Data Table Database connection via Actions Statements
  • Data Tables can load data from a database using a SQL ‘SELECT’ statement
  • Data Tables can insert data into a database table
  • Data in a Data Table can be edited within WITNESS on an Edit Data dialog. Values can be changed, and rows can be inserted or deleted. Data can be sorted in any column, ascending or descending
  • Data Table Edit for Data Tables of multiple quantity is split so that each index of the Data Table is shown on a separate tab on the Edit Data dialog
  • The Labor Detailed Statistics Report shows the No. of Jobs Started, No. of Jobs Ended, No. of Jobs Now and No. of Jobs Pre-empted for each Job that a labor element has carried out
  • A new function LaborUtilJobCount has been added to access the No. of Jobs Started, No. of Jobs Ended, No. of Jobs Now and No. of Jobs Pre-empted columns on the Labor Detailed Statistics Report
  • A Machine Detailed Statistics Report has been added to show the utilization and task counts for each individual cycle, setup and repair
  • New functions MachinePUtil, MachineSUtil, MachineUtilNoOfTasks, MachineUtilTaskCount, MachineUtilTaskName & MachineUtilTaskType have been added to access the values shown on the Machine Detailed Statistics report via Actions Statements


  • Model Watch can be turned On (optionally with a file path specified) & Off via WCL

Feature Improvements

  • Data Table ‘Table’ Visualizations can optionally display the row number within the visualization to ease the identification of data
  • The TRIANGLE distribution can allow the Mode parameter to equal one or both of the Minimum and Maximum values
  • When WITNESS is first installed, any WITNESS user on a PC will load the Startup model regardless of whether they installed the software or not


  • Saving a .wxm XML file will format the file over multiple lines to facilitate version control comparison
  • The speed of Data Table ‘Load Data’ from the right mouse button context menu has been improved


  • The ‘Record to AVI’ feature has been retired
  • Using WITNESS with Office 365: If Excel files are stored on OneDrive and a user has opened a workbook in Excel 2016, by default this is opened exclusively for the user through the Excel interface and WITNESS cannot read or write to the file. This is the way Microsoft has designed the experience. To work around this, you should clear the Microsoft OneDrive Setting for Office: ‘Use Office 2016 to sync Office files that I open’.


  • WITNESS gives an error message when an attempt is made to save a model to a drive that has insufficient space
  • Values displayed in the Labor Detailed Statistics Report correspond correctly to the values returned from the functions LaborUtilName, LaborUtilJobType and LaborPUtil functions
  • A Data Table set to Immediate updates its visualizations when values are changed in Initialize Actions
  • The Distribution Wizard Preview for the Log Normal distribution has been corrected
  • Model Run Speed has been improved for models with large quantities of Display Expressions
  • Display issues with Power & Free Carriers and Sections have been corrected
  • Continuous conveyors correctly log Moving Queued time instead of Blocked on occasion
  • WITNESS gives an error message when a Value Change Setup with no Part references part attributes and no part is present


  • Loading Data from Excel in to a Data Table will replace Excel error calculations (#DIV/0!, #N/A,#NUM!,#NAME?,#REF! etc.) with default data
  • License Security warning message refers to the correct format of the software version number
  • WITNESS gives an error message when a Data Table Integer column is used in a divide by zero calculation
  • The Icon Editor correctly edits icons of all available sizes and can be used in colour or monochrome mode
  • Data Table cells can be used in an IF statement of the form IF i1 = 0 AND DT[1,1] = 0
  • Experimenter correctly prompts for correction if invalid data is entered for Run Length and another app is launched from the Task Bar
  • Experimenter can update the quantity of Labor on different shifts when the Labor and those Shifts are all in different Modules
  • An error message in an Input or Output rule for an element in a module hierarchy has been corrected
  • The WITNESS Debugger can handle any keyboard input
  • Data Table CSV Output files no longer produce extra blank lines at the end
  • Excessively large Variable allocation is correctly handled
  • RecordNameValue can handle NONE passed as a parameter
  • W3DXXX functions behave the same in Batch mode when the model has been Quick3D as when it hasn’t
  • Parts and Labor travelling along pseudo paths between elements behave in a consistent manner e.g. always travel to the front of a part queue, always travel to the vehicle location on a Loading or Unloading track
  • Corrected errors with Pie Chart & Data Table Statistics reports when output to file or screen

The Lanner YouTube channel features many video tutorials to guide you through the new functionality available in WITNESS Horizon.