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What’s new?

  • The user interface for all Element Display data is now presented in the new Properties window
  • Multiple display objects can be updated in a single edit on the Properties window
  • The Draw process for all new element graphics objects now starts in the New Display Item window
  • Auto connect element creation allows a user to create and connect a new element in a single selection
  • Selection highlighting outlines the display object(s) that would be selected on a single click when the mouse hovers over a display object
  • Descriptive name for all elements allows easy preparation of a model for presentation
  • Models can be exported to a previous version of WITNESS via the XML format
  • Create missing sub-folders when creating files from WITNESS
    • saving data tables as .csv files
    • writing to a WITNESS file element
    • using SetFile function to change the path for an output(write) File element
  • Added functions GetDisplayId, DeleteDisplay, SetDisplayColor to access display objects more easily in actions

Feature Improvements

  • evaluation licenses can now run up to 5 scenarios with up to 10 replications.


  • The container size is saved in the .wxm file, child windows now scale to correct relative sizes within the container.
  • The power and free carrier size is loaded correctly from a .wxm file.
  • The vehicle icon rotation is saved and loaded correctly from a .wxm file.
  • Default conveyor, track and machine display styles of greater than four characters can be saved to and loaded from a .wxm file.
  • The Use Labor Defined By Part Rule setting for Machine labor rules are saved and loaded correctly from a .wxm file.
  • The Buffer API call SetOutputByCondition() no longer throws an exception on success.
  • Actions on exit for labor travelling on a pseudo path was missing the current context. This has now been corrected.
  • Stop large parts moving vertically on pseudopaths being offset to the side.
  • A fixed continuous conveyor was behaving like a queuing continuous conveyor when the part leaving the front blocks the conveyor. The conveyor now stops correctly in this case
  • Fixed an issue with continuous conveyors when pulling/push using labour, when labour walk to job is off in model options.
  • Pushing to rear of a continuous conveyor, with model options disabling pseudo paths and labour walk to job was causing a push to sensor error. This was invalid and has been fixed.
  • Drag & drop from designer elements to a module in the element tree, created duplicate named elements in the module, this has now been fixed.
  • Stop insert from Element Tree corrupting the expression field when double clicking on the Element Tree for the Japanese version
  • The file migration tool and Export option now warns users when the model contains calls to the function CreateFromDesigner.
  • The y coordinate of tabular variable display was bottom, left of first cell. To be consistent with all other element display this has change to be y coordinate top left of first cell. This is in all file formats and actions functions.
  • The coordinates of a rectangle uses the top, left corner as the start origin, with width and height as positive values regardless of which corner was the start point when the rectangle was first drawn
  • Clear the Active flag when the Data Table connection type is set to None
  • Disable the DT Data Type field and the Variable Type field if TIME > 0 and allow columns to be moved and/or deleted at TIME = 0
  • Fix Data table not displaying
  • Stop Data table load crashing for Cancel Data Transfer in certain language editions
  • Remap elements inside part type expression for push/pull rules when cloning a module.
  • Stop crash trying to select a Shift for a Labor element
  • Make protected modules hidden from debugger step in and breakpoints.
  • French API demo APIExample_AdvancedMode.xlsm fixed so it works correctly.
  • Fix issue where having too many panes open in experimenter and in a specific layout causes Experimenter not to load
  • Experimenter: speed up scenario grid when there is a large number of scenarios and parameters


  • Allow drawing of additional path display item for paths
  • Stop loss of password protection when accepting detail dialog for password protected module
  • Stop Selection Highlighting showing full module hierarchy to an element contained in a protected module
  • Stop Display Properties and New Display Items being enabled for an element contained in a protected module
  • Stop beeping when renaming designer tab
  • Fix saving to wxm file for a given model
  • Stop crash when changing font while net selecting array variable split by individual
  • Allow user to specify instance of element with quantity>1 for Name Distributions
  • Stop error from changing display characteristics of an expression that refers to its own module
  • Only allow 1 input/output buffer display object per machine
  • Make the module password prompt to appear when auto-connecting to a system element (like SCRAP etc)
  • Stop crash when using the actions debugger with Eval functions (e.g., EvalReal) that reference local variables
  • Fix loading of distribution with no cells
  • Fix WXML loading issues on German and Polish when loading WXML with custom clock options.
  • Fixed an issue with multi cycle machines blocked and off shift in last cycle.
  • Fixed an issue with the model tree selection, clicking on the label or icon of an item already tick selected was undoing other ticked selections and stopping moving items between modules.
  • Fix issue when using Getinfo() command after exiting Experimenter on any foreign language version of WITNESS.
  • Fixed issue with drawing text display items for instances 3 or more incorrectly positioned, any after second had incorrect positioning.
  • Fix crash when copying Japanese text from the interact box
  • Stop crash drawing Parts on for large number of conveyors
  • Fix incorrect title for Variance Charts in experimenter
  • Fix issue with Japanese Experimenter consuming too many licenses
  • Stop Buffer Path Display showing part icon when empty
  • Fixed editing Designer Elements that occasionally caused WITNESS to stop responding or crash.


  • Fixed issue with breakdowns on first cycle of a multicycle machine. It would occasionally crash referencing the wrong cycle.