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  • WITNESS Experimenter Rename "All Combinations" algorithm to "Full Factorial"
  • Re-layout Attribute Tag Display Style dialog
  • Update the Reprise License Manager to V14.1 BL3

What’s new?

  • WITNESS Experimenter Add sign in to allow display and selection of WITNESS io licenses
  • WITNESS Experimenter is now a 64bit application
  • WITNESS Experimenter Allow Data Table Connection Expressions for parameters
  • WITNESS Experimenter Add response has intelligent prompting for expression edit
  • WITNESS Experimenter Allow Simple Experiment scenarios to inherit their parameter values from another scenario
  • WITNESS Experimenter Has a new run mode that submits experiment to run using the service. Models are packaged, uploaded and submitted for running.
  • Add Intellisense for WITNESS Expression controls
  • Added scenario progress update for experiments running on
  • WITNESS Experimenter Add ability to run scripts before an experiment is run and after it has completed.
  • All experiment results executed by Experimenter on services are downloaded and unzip in the local model directory.
  • WITNESS Experimenter Allow WITNESS Experiment to reconnect to a running Experiment.
  • WITNESS Experimenter Allow WITNESS Experimenter to cancel an Experiment running on the service.
  • The results from experiments run using cloud services now shown in the answer pool and on all result charts and data views.
  • WITNESS Experimenter now has the data table “SQL statement” as a parameter for input database connected data tables.
  • WITNESS Experimenter now has the data table “Table Name” as a parameter for output database connected data tables.
  • WITNESS Experimenter Implement Steady State Time and Total Run Time. Duration and RunLength api functions have been deprecated. SteadyStateDuration and TotalRunLength api functions have been added.

Feature Improvements

  • The "Warmup" & "Run Length" properties where confusing, these have changed to "Warmup", "Steady State" and "Total Run Time". The relationship between fields is "Total Run Time" = "Warmup" + "Steady State". Changes to any of new individual fields will adjust maintain this relationship.


  • WITNESS Experimenter Add Parameter list will sort tree subitems alphabetically
  • Purging of pipes produced inconsistent results.
  • Cleaning of tanks produced inconsistent results.
  • Preview on picture gallery import dialog does not resize correctly
  • After dragging the end of a conveyor parts would still walk to the previous position, this is now fixed
  • Should WITNESS crash while running Quick 3D, Quick 3D will close as well
  • Check the file exists after copying, when importing a license file in WITNESS on a machine with restricted privileges
  • SetPosn & MovePosn allow a move to an X or Y coordinate of 0
  • Designer Element graphics have no offset when Elements are dropped onto the Layout Window
  • Cancelling the module detail dialog after an output element had been selected caused a crash, this is now fixed.
  • WITNESS Experimenter was not following the Best N results configuration correctly. It was decided to always show all results in simple mode.
  • Memory leaks occurred when calling W3DGetPartInstance
  • Explode report for machine shows the machine shift state if there is a Group 0 attribute
  • Stop crash when setting icon numbers greater than 500 with ICON =
  • Stop crash when trying to attach labor being freed in Actions on Free Labor
  • Name attribute tag can be displayed on part
  • Data tables can now connect to databases that have text fields.
  • Pie charts statistics reports show all sectors
  • Model only toolbars are recreated when full screen is engaged then disengaged
  • Flow rule can contain >127 characters in the RATE () statement
  • Erlang Distribution displays correctly in the distribution wizard preview
  • Reference to name variable is updated when module is cloned
  • When saving .mdl file using overwrite existing, existing file won’t be deleted if user cancels mid work flow
  • CopyVar, SortVar, Shuffle and SetDynamicVariableSize now flag the affected variables as modified which indicates rules using those variables should be re-evaluated
  • Watch expression doesn’t give error when multiplying real by integer
  • Machine with no part in setup interrupted by a breakdown returns to setup after repair
  • Pie chart of states works for a P&F Station
  • Importing a Cloud license deletes any previous cloud licenses
  • CountItemsString() returns the correct number when checking for a blank string
  • ImportState function doesn’t cause Path Network Error when run after load from .lst file
  • Previously setups on value changed would trigger when actions language comparison indicates values have not changed. This was due to difference in precision of comparison, it is now consistent across both actions and setup on value changed.
  • Continuous conveyor Length value can’t be saved when less than Spacing On value
  • Ignore the Pseudo Path Display Size when using pseudo paths, use Part Length, Width and Height attributes instead
  • Stop JPG and bmp rendering inconsistently - often not showing at all.
  • Update PF Section Path Display in demonstration models displaying BMP icons for carriers to the correct Display Size
  • Fix negative Stats on Conveyors when they push with labor using path
  • Fix the LaborAt function to return correct labor values when multiple labor allocations are performed together.
  • Fix the direction for 3D mapping of icon roll override on the 3D mapping dialog.
  • Fix labour allocation issue when using paths, the labour already at machine was not used in preference to from idle queue.
  • P&F station SUtil function records Idle time as Waiting for Labor To Load
  • 24.0C

  • Witness IO evaluation licenses can now run up to 5 scenarios with up to 10 replications.
  • Japanese version of Witness no longer crashes when a connection to a non-existent file is specified in data tables.
  • Stop corruption caused by deleting conveyor sensors
  • Correctly display icons on a path previously shown as squares (if Parts, only when not scaled using attributes)
  • Allow WITNESS to run on Windows 8.1
  • Reduce the time it takes to return a cloud license if WITNESS crashes to one minute and make the return time configurable.
  • Fixed a problem with parts travelling along paths to Power & Free stations, the part did not fully leave the path causing state issues.
  • Fix crash when reading part files that have a line length greater than 256 characters in the Japanese version.
  • Fix issue with Power & Free Station failing to repair when labour arriving on a path.
  • WITNESS Experimenter can now execute models on when submitted from non-English versions of WITNESS Experimenter
  • Prevent a crash when deleting one of the Charting Pack Module based charts UtilMachine, UtilLabor, OccBuffer, ThruPart
  • Prevent a crash when running a Japanese model
  • Explode Report now displays the Machine Name if Breakdown 1 is not currently active but others are
  • German edition, creating Processor from Designer Elements no longer yields 2 Name objects
  • Pulling from a continuous conveyor using labour arriving via a path sometimes left the conveyor with an unknown part at the front. This has now been fixed.
  • Data table visualizations now get updated when a model is loaded and run via WCL
  • Make the Validate and Prompt buttons in the actions dialog central in the German version
  • Japanese strings now display correctly in the Rules and Actions editor.
  • Fixed an error using SQL Statement in Connection string in English & Japanese Versions
  • Fix French version crashing when the Action on Data Error is 'Replace With Default Value' and the wrong type of data is loaded (Other options correctly show error message)
  • The following changes may affect the logic in your model

  • CYCLE function no longer increments after Actions on Finish of a cycle – evaluation of this function in the Output Rule and Actions on Output now gives the correct cycle value
  • The ISTATE system function now gives the extra states for Machines and Power & Free stations that were previously combined into more general states: Machines states 14 – 18, and Power & Free Stations states 14 – 30.
  • 24.0D

  • Chinese, Japanese, Polish and Spanish versions – Change wrongly translated function names back to English
  • Element context now correctly applied for actions, expressions and rule properties in COM API