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  • License Security has been updated to Reprise License Manager v14.0
  • The WITNESS and WITNESS Experimenter log files now contain the number of physical cores and logical cores
  • WITNESS ActiveX control updated to improve windows 10 compatibility

What’s new?

  • CurrentSetup function has been added to return the current setup within any action or expression associated with a setup
  • CurrentBreakdown function has been added to return the current breakdown within any action or expression associated with a breakdown
  • Add DTMin, DTMean, DTMode, DTStdDev, DTMax functions for numeric columns in Data Tables
  • Add DTFindNum, DTFindName, DTFindStr functions to find data contents in Data Tables
  • Optional direction of search argument for the above DTFind… functions
  • WITNESS Experimenter automatically removes Debug breakpoints from its version of the model used in Experimentation
  • WITNESS Experimenter can export all displayed results data to a single workbook from any of the results pages. The data exported contains the response selections made if multiple response values have been selected
  • WITNESS Experimenter has an action to launch a new instance of WITNESS, similar to the Set Model action

Feature Improvements

  • The Explode Report has been updated to include entries for Continuous Conveyors for Parts/Entities whose leading edge is on a different conveyor, but some of whose ‘body’ overhangs the conveyor. The length of the Part/Entity off the front of the conveyor is shownwith a negative number.
  • For Example:
    • 3 linked conveyors C1, C2 and C3 are each of length 10: C3 feeds C2 feeds C1
    • A Part P1 of Length 15 is currently at position 8 of C1
    • C3 contains a part P2 queued immediately behind P1
    • The Explode Report would contain the following information:
    • C1 contains P1 of Length 15 at position 8
    • C2 contains P1 of Length 15 at position -2
    • C3 contains P1 of Length 15 at position -12, P2 at position 3
  • Options have been added to the functions FormatAsDate and FormatAsDateAndTime toreturn time values as a date string according to the ISO8601 standard: e.g. 07:11:24 on 3rdAugust 2020 can be converted to 2020-08-03T, 2020-08-03T07:11:24
  • Time and Date related string values in LST and XML files have been updated to use ISO8601standard format so that models saved in text format are transferrable between locales
  • WITNESS Debug Breakpoints can be left in place but disabled while the model is run toimprove modellers’ productivity if debugging is needed at a point well into a model’sexecution – there is now no requirement to choose between removing and then re-instatingbreakpoints, or repeatedly pressing Go on the Debugger until the point of interest. Themodeller can simply Disable Breakpoints, run to the point of interest and then EnableBreakpoints
  • The Excel model execution of the ACME demonstration model has been updated
  • WITNESS Experimenter allows results tables to contain multiple response values at the sametime rather than one at a time
  • Data Tables can optionally Input and Output a header row to CSV and Excel files
  • WITNESS Experimenter can select a replication and update Random Numbers accordinglywhen Set Model is selected
  • WITNESS now prompts the user to remove debug information when saving modules (.mdl)
  • WITNESS Experimenter has an option in Simple Mode to run all possible Scenarios even if areplication fails
  • WITNESS Experimenter allows multiple selection of Responses to display in the ExperimentResults views
  • WITNESS Experimenter will run the Hill Climb algorithm after the Simulated Annealingalgorithm if the Maximum Scenarios limit hasn’t been reached
  • WITNESS Experimenter will show Scenario and Replication information for any failures
  • WITNESS Experimenter allows selected scenario answers to be removed in Simple Mode, sothey are re-evaluated when the experiment is re-run
  • WITNESS Experimenter will use any available licenses up to the requested Maximum numberof parallel replications. There is no longer an error produced if the maximum cannot bereached, and any shortfall is reported to the log file
  • New model option on the display tab to allow the selection of the number of decimal placesto display for reports, clock time, etc.
  • Visual rule dialogs have been changed to have behaviour closer to other dialogs
  • Add keyboard shortcuts to match the context menu when editing the data in a Data Table
  • Information is given for Data Tables in Summary reports


  • XML model format correctly saves any icon rotations that have been applied using therotation cursor handle
  • Data Tables that display row numbers are drawn consistently when selected and unselected
  • Line and column values on the code editor and edit clipboard dialogs can display largervalues Expression fields on the Conveyor Detail Dialog are correctly initialized when switchingbetween Indexed and Continuous Conveyors
  • The QLength function returns 0 when the conveyor type is continuous
  • On the Conveyor Detail Dialog when changing the type from Indexed to Continuous if theMaximum Capacity field is set to Same as Length then the maximum capacity will be set to1000
  • Data table string columns saved to Excel no longer convert to date, they remain in originalstring format
  • The total time and update interval parameters to the W3DMoveAndRotate function areparsed correctly
  • The precision is kept when exporting from the Path Catalogs dialog
  • When multiple quantity labor has moved along a pseudo path to pick up multiple parts at amachine, the correct labor is allocated to each part
  • Elements that are referenced in Shift Actions on Element Start Work and Element End Worknow appear in the Used report
  • WITNESS Experimenter marks the experiment as changed after any changes to theresponses
  • GetEventBreakdownNo etc. use the same breakdown number as the order in which theyappear in the grid in the detail dialog
  • If a setup without part requires labor, and that labor goes off-shift, the labor would not beallocated when back it comes back on-shift. This is now allocated to complete the setup
  • A setup without part that requires labor can have the labor going on and off shift mid setup.Sometimes this caused extra parts to enter the machine which has now been fixed
  • In data tables which are reading from Excel files, if the ‘[‘ or ‘]’ are missing in the connectionstring then an appropriate error message is written to the logfile
  • Fix for issue using Batch Machines and setup without part requiring labor. If labor for setupis travelling along a path to the machine when machine pulls parts, the batch quantitycalculation was incorrect. This is now fixed
  • Fix for issue using Batch Machines and setup without part requiring labor. Parts arriving atthe machine along a path did not enter the machine on arrival but would pause. This hasbeen fixed
  • The FormatAsDateAndTime function now outputs milliseconds when the date and time areoutput in ISO 8601 format
  • Input rules using str2name indirectly within a user defined function will now recognise thedependency on str2name and execute the input rule as required
  • General machines now take the correct number of parts when arriving using a path
  • Multiple cycle machines now take the correct number of parts when arriving using a path
  • Multiple station machines had a problem with list access and part counts, this has now beenfixed
  • When cloning multiple elements at the same time, all display items will be positioned in onestep rather than individually
  • A problem with action on free labour for multiple cycle machines has been fixed. In somecircumstances the action on free labour for the previous cycle was executed not the currentcycle
  • Watched string variables in the debugger are now updated when their value changesLoading .wxm files containing variable value displays using the individual option occasionallycaused loading problems, this has been resolved
  • Actions on entry for paths will now show the correct NPARTS value
  • Labor required for a Continuous conveyor breakdown is now allocated as soon as it isavailable
  • Fluid used for Pipe initial contents now appears in the Used report
  • Saving to .wxm format now maintains breakdown table sort ordering
  • Changing machine breakdown type mid run and then continuing running the model willproduce more consistent results
  • Deleting the first machine breakdown during a run will now de-schedule it
  • Store/Restore .sim files does not crash when a labour item is walking along a path to apower & free station
  • The ANY PART output option now works correctly for multiple cycle machines
  • Fix the graphical location of labor leaving a conveyor after delivering a part to the rear
  • Allow rows to be added or deleted on the Part Arrival Profile grid
  • WITNESS Api Application.InputRequest.OnInputRequest event is fired when an Input dialogis raised
  • Fix Reporting Mode flag for Data Tables
  • Return the correct part count from NPARTS called from Multi Station machine Actions onInput
  • Show the correct part count in a Multi Station Machine Part Queue displayed by Group
  • Conveyor and Labor interaction causes Model to stop working
  • Issues with conveyor and machine input/output using labor and priority. The priority is nowevaluated when required by the rules
  • Adding setups using COM API caused the machine detail dialog to crash when accessingthose setups, this has been fixed
  • Fixed issue where items on a pseudo path in both 2D and 3D are not drawn in the correctposition when the screen is refreshed after running in batch mode
  • Fixed an issue where the Queue Spacing and Spacing On were being wrongly validated whenthe conveyor was set to Continuous Fixed.


  • Fix transposed columns in Pipe Statistics report
  • Stop large bitmaps imported into the gallery from crashing
  • Visual Labor Rule – stop NONE remaining in text box
  • Fix Ctrl-Tab for cycling round open Windows
  • Machine Breakdowns: Default setting for 'Check Only At Start Of Cycle' should be not selected
  • Multi cloning elements in a group creates elements in correct auto-numbered order
  • Paths can refer to a single instance of an element
  • Continuous conveyor sensor actions can be defined
  • Cloning a continuous queuing conveyor now works correctly
  • French distribution selector now display the correct preview for Uniform distributions
  • Non English model files that have Data Tables with columns names of Undefined can now beloaded into all language variants of Witness.
  • Costing info grid data doesn’t get lost after changes to other tabs
  • Correct the Machine details validation for a production machine that uses Produce fromFirst Part and Select Parts to Produce with a Production Condition
  • Make the Chart States bar colours match the Key colours defined for each element
  • Machine Labor Rule option Use Labor Defined by Part Match Rule saves for Single machines
  • OUTPUT FROM option for ANY on a production machine can be set


  • Stop model crashing when loaded from SIM file