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Feature Improvements

  • Random Number Usage report has been updated to indicate whether streams have been sampled enough to give reliable coverage of the random range. This will help determine scenario run length


  • Actions on Leave for pseudo paths are not executed
  • An Action statement fails a comparison between a name Data Table column and a string constant/variable
  • Actions on Existing file" using the WITNESS API exposed via the WITNESS API
  • Crash when a vehicle is unloading with labor using path
  • Crash of when -1 is put into a real variable display Width or Decimal Places field
  • Crash when dragging a model into witness when a dialog box is open
  • Crash when using N in a priority field of a Designer Element
  • Element Flow - Label rules not displayed
  • Error message in quantity of buffer when display settings are modified
  • Improved error message when running out of memory when calculating routes in a path network
  • XLReadDistributiion, READDIST and dialog reject data and raise an error when all weights are zero
  • Improvements when pushing to a conveyor using path or pushing to conveyor with labor using path
  • Improvements to labor on pseudo paths
  • Improvements to labor on paths
  • Machine fails to pull a part from a conveyor with labor even when the part and labor are available
  • Machine priority set to N causes WITNESS to crash when the module in which the machine belongs, gets exported and imported to a new WITNESS model.
  • Crash when using floating tool bar to increase labor quantity
  • Name attributes in explode reports now include the full module path
  • Multiple WITNESS License server addresses separated by a semi-colon causes an error but is accepted
  • Improved multiple path routing calculation
  • Raising -2 to the Power of 3 produces incorrect result
  • Model complete actions are not triggered when an end shift event occurs at the same time as the complete time
  • Run Time Error message include full module hierarchy for elements in a module
  • Setting WITNESS Initialize actions using the WITNESS Api fails when it contains a "SET QUANTITY" action statement
  • Various Run speed improvements
  • Witness API extended to configure breakdowns factors
  • Witness API extended to configure machine setup factors
  • WITNESS API extended to turn on/off reporting for Variable elements


This release contains a number of fixes:


  • Error in creating Real Discrete Distributions
  • Error in accessing files (picture files, data files) in a sub-folder using a relative file path
  • Error in Machine stats when Labor is used for a Setup with no part


  • Error loading a .wxmdl multiple times so that the name of the new module differs from the saved module
  • Error message refers to the version as 22.01
  • Error when assigning a Data Table NAME column type to an Integer value
  • The Set Draw Dimensions check box on the icon dialog is enabled when it should not be
  • The Display Bar dialog font is too small to read