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What’s new in this release?

  • Model Completion can be set via Options setting or Action command
  • Model & Element Complete Actions can be executed on Model Completion
  • Data Table Connections can be made to CSV files and Excel ranges
  • Data Table Load & Save can be Interactive and/or Automatic
  • Model & Data Table Load Data Actions can be added for Input Tables
  • Model & Data Table Save Data Actions can be added for Output Tables
  • New Data Table functions are available:
    • DTGetColumnCount 
    • DTGetRowCount
    • DTGetConnectionString 
    • DTGetConnectionType
    • DTSetConnection
    • DTGetErrorMode 
    • DTSetErrorMode
    • DTGetIOType 
    • DTSetIOType
    • DTGetRefreshMode 
    • DTSetRefreshMode
    • DTLoad 
    • DTSave
  • Model Complete functions are available:
    • GetModelCompleteAt 
    • SetModelCompleteAt
  • A Scenario label created in Experimenter is available during the model run
  • Industry 4.0 Machine Predictive Maintenance can be modelled including functions:
    • BreakdownIntervalRemain 
    • StoppageIntervalRemain 
    • TriggerBreakdown 
    • TriggerStoppage
  • Industry 4.0 Startup Tracks & Vehicles can model battery charge level; breakdowns; controlled speeds; intersections; passing points
  • A new Industry 4.0 Demo model has been created with Connected elements (Conveyor Sensors & Machine Setup with no Part), AGVs and Predictive Maintenance

Feature Improvements

  • Data Tables Input/Output; Active/Inactive; Priority; Load & Save Actions; Type Coercion & Error Handling
  • An option to Clear Data for a Data Table is available on the Context Menu
  • New Data Table Visualizations have been added for Table & Timeline
  • The Charting Pack 1 Designer Elements has been enhanced for Table; Timeline; Machine / State Timeline
  • Self-serve licensing hosted on Azure
  • The Help menu now provides simple access to the Log File and License Administration


  • Support has been added for Windows Server 2016


  • Wrong value generated on Statistics report for Delay Buffer
  • Unable to import Module containing a Histogram element
  • Machine fails to progress beyond setup if it receives a part on a path while in Setup with No Part
  • Crash in Debugger if Watch statements result in an execution error
  • Memory error when using many Part Files with comments in Actions
  • Error accessing attribute in Resource rule if Part is arriving ‘Using Path’
  • N value error when parts exit delay buffer at same time
  • Data Table error when accessed in an Input Rule
  • Excel files are left open after WITNESS has written to them
  • Multiple minor & cosmetic fixes

The Lanner YouTube channel features many video tutorials to guide you through the new functionality available in WITNESS Horizon 22.0.