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Customer demands are increasing, markets are more accessible and competition fierce. We are trading in a less certain world in which decisions need to made more quickly and frequently to stay in the game. Companies are investing in digital change, IoT and Industry 4.0 to increase their agility and deliver new customer experiences cost effectively. The aim is to harness new data and operational connectivity to become more responsive to market changes and demands. This means making faster, better decisions for business processes which are becoming more complex and automated.

For many years, Lanner has helped its customers and partners re-imagine their business processes; evaluate their options and make better, more informed decisions. Our predictive simulation solutions provide the necessary foresight to de-risk many complex decisions and enable elusive service-versus-cost trade-offs to be identified. Today we are making them even more accessible, putting the power of predictive simulation directly in the hands of the decision makers.

Cloud Simulation Apps

Lanner is working with its business partners and customers to develop the next generation of enterprise-ready Cloud Simulation Apps (CSAs). Leveraging this new technology and data revolution to provide predictive analytics that supports critical performance and cost decisions.

CSAs offer easy data connectivity, pre-built user-friendly interfaces and integrated BI reporting, KPI measurements and dashboards that are designed to drive faster, better decision making for specific business problems and planning cycles. These easily accessible and rapidly configurable apps are tailored to answer specific, recurring business questions to make it as easy as possible for decision makers to access, understand and use their business data.

Taking Predictive Simulation Applications to the Cloud

Decision Support

Decision makers have direct access via their web browsers and mobile devices to future-state business data, alerting forthcoming problems with enough foresight to act. 

Enterprise Deployment

Cloud simulation apps built upon Lanner’s technology allow rapid and scalable distribution of WITNESS models as reusable assets that deliver unprecedented value through insight and foresight for business planning cycles and improvement initiatives.

Confident Decisions

Cloud Simulation Apps provide a sandbox that lets users experiment with different scenarios; meaning choices can be finessed and the outcomes understood and optimised before decisions are made.     

Simulation On-Demand

Lanner’s cloud simulation applications are powered using our simulation engine web service which delivers scalable performance for when many business choices need to be analysed quickly or complex problem spaces require optimal solutions. 

Extended Capability

With Lanner’s Cloud Simulation Apps, businesses can extend the expertise often limited within specialist modelling and analytical teams and put them directly in the hands of those responsible for decisions. Cloud Simulation Apps have proven ideal for those with experience solving sector or role specific challenges to empower others with their solutions.


Deployed on the WITNESS Cloud platform, our Cloud Simulation Apps enable data-driven models through connectivity to enterprise data systems. Users can access, visualise and experiment using live, current state data to stay informed of business conditions, take control of their options and optimise their decisions.

WITNESS Cloud Simulation Platform

Lanner’s WITNESS Cloud platform allows businesses to turn their predictive simulation models into user friendly, mobile-ready apps that can be easily accessed and used by decision makers and business managers around the world. Through the use of configurable user-friendly model interfaces analysts and process owners can rapidly test their ideas, generate their own data-driven scenarios, compare outcomes and make the best business decisions.

Cloud Simulation Apps deployed on the WITNESS Cloud platform feature built-in experimentation and analysis that provides unique data visualisation of business models, resource usage and performance. Plans can be compared, schedules optimized and the elusive balance between achieving customer satisfaction and controlling costs can be achieved.

  • Develop

    WITNESS Cloud Platform features an easy-to-use UI builder and integrates with enterprise data sources and popular BI tools to create Cloud Simulation Apps.

  • Deploy

    Apps deployed on WITNESS Cloud are easily accessible through web browsers and mobile devices.

  • Exploit

    Turn predictive simulation models into reusable, scalable business assets that can meet the needs of any business planning cycle. 

Designed and delivered through Microsoft Azure, Lanner's WITNESS Cloud platform is a subscription based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering reliability, security and scalable performance that can address your business demands regardless of complexity and without IT overheads.

Contact us if you would like to know more about exploiting predictive simulation models using the WITNESS Cloud platform.