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Designing a new facility or planning the expansion of an existing one requires extensive evaluation of investment choices related to capacity, assets and the wider impact of eventual operations. Decisions made at the design stage are critical to the success of both the creation and operation of the new facility. Predictive simulation provides an ideal solution for modelling, testing and validating proposed designs before any ground is broken or investment is committed.

Testing and validating before investment is committed

Virtual design facilitates collaboration

Dynamically update designs as changes occur

Unprecedented Foresight

It is of course impossible to see into the future but when designing a new facility it is crucial to evaluate every piece of relevant data available to achieve the clearest, most accurate view of what the factory of the future might look like.

In designing new facilities there are so many elements to consider. Making the right choices on equipment, people, layout, back office processes, contingency planning and capacity as demand evolves would overwhelm the most experienced planning experts.

Predictive simulation offers the foresight to be able to fully understand what all aspects of the business will need to look like, both short term and longer term, thus creating a framework from which to design a facility which is fit for purpose. It provides the clarity and precision to ensure that facility design contains the right amount of flexibility for growth, without having equipment sitting dormant or harbouring excess capacity.

The Virtual Factory

Predictive simulation helps facility design by creating a ‘virtual factory’ to provide a comprehensive picture of precisely what the facility will look like, how it will operate under normal circumstances, as well as how it will respond to changes as they evolve.

This view then allows planners to pinpoint exactly what processes and resources would be needed in order to ensure demand is met in the most efficient way possible.

This insight equips planners with a robust, accurate plan which allows them to pre-empt forecast changes in the business, ensuring productivity remains high and costs are minimised. It also means that they have a highly credible plan to present to stakeholders - both internally and externally.

Modern 3D and Virtual Reality bring these plans to life in the form of a virtual factory, helping to engage, motivate and secure buy-in from such internal stakeholders.

Dynamic Planning

Planning is not a static process and predictive simulation offers a means to update the virtual facility model with changes as they occur.

This virtual asset can be remodelled dynamically based on new insights, ensuring stakeholders have absolute confidence that the design will meet requirements and achieve objectives, for example, meet demand effectively and maximise profitability.