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Predictive simulation helps leaders create, refine and communicate their business plans and strategy by providing clarity and the confidence that policy and resource decisions will achieve the desired company objectives.

A Better Way to Plan and Communicate Business Strategy

The use of predictive simulation as a modern approach to business planning provides an efficient method and process for development of strategic, tactical or operational business plans. A predictive simulation model of the current business allows you to connect with your business processes and data far easier than through traditional business analytics, charts and dashboards, leading to clearer insight into the impact of plans on future performance. 

  • Design

    Control costs and when designing new strategies and manage risk within new processes and policy changes.

  • Plan

    Experiment and optimise scenarios to achieve an efficient balance of resources and performance.

  • Validate

    Real time visibility into existing operations and schedule testing for viability.

  • Communicate

    Rich visualisation and clarity of plans deliver the certainty required to achieve business goals.

Strategic Planning

Longer term strategic business planning is supported through models offering extensive comparisons of varied business options, assets, policies and resources. The flexibility of predictive simulation models means that new scenarios, business options and ideas, can be tested and the right choices made for a smarter future.

Operational Plans and Schedule Testing

Shorter term operational plans, such as a resource plan or production schedule, can be trialed by flowing them through a predictive simulation model of the current business. Any potential issues can be alerted in advance and action take to ensure smooth and efficient execution.


Nothing is more compelling than experiencing data rich visualization of business ideas or plans for gaining stakeholder, investor or customer confidence.

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Predictive simulation is an ideal technology for quantifying risk and can be employed as part of a risk management strategy for identifying business options with minimal volatility.

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Predictive simulation models provide management with a smart virtual environment that connects leaders and decision makers with their processes and data for real business insight.

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