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The issues facing organisations decommissioning nuclear facilities are complex. Whilst safety, security and environment are of paramount importance, there is a clear focus on value for money and cost reduction.

With the value of the nuclear liabilities estimated in $billions, measures that can reduce the duration of clean up activity can therefore bring significant financial return. The challenge is therefore to develop processes that deliver effective solutions, efficiently and on time.

Typically, the overall process comprises a number of subsystems, such as retrievals, processing and encapsulation. Overall capacity will also be impacted by how these subsystems interact; as material mix changes the bottleneck may shift.

Designing an efficient plant in this context presents difficulties. There are trade-offs to be made between investment costs in areas such as buffer storage and materials handling systems, and operating costs associated with different shift patterns and maintenance strategies. This is where predictive simulation comes into play.

Our customers involved in the nuclear sector have reported a wide range of uses and quantifiable business benefits from using predictive simulation software and modelling their operations that include:

  • Comprehensive testing of proposed decommissioning facilities long before commitment to build is reached
  • Demonstrating capability and compliance to key stakeholders to prove plant performance
  •  Applicable throughout the retrieval, processing and encapsulation processes as well as supply chain and logistics requirements
  • Provides increased performance through better resource utilization and identification of bottlenecks Enables reduced operating costs and lower capital expenditure by engineering a solution to meet the needs of the business

These companies also report improved confidence in decision making, better communication of recommendations and team integration, and faster buy-in to proposed changes. Due to the confidential nature of Lanner's involvement in the Nuclear industry we are unable to publish details on many of our projects, contact us directly if you would like to know more.