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Why take a risk? Discover LNG Logistics Simulator

Around the world, LNG owners and operators use Lanner’s simulation solutions for reliable and efficient planning and decision making. Dynamic simulations enable you to assess the risks and impact of design choices and commercial options, delivering a highly visual, animated, comprehensive analysis.

Lanner's LNG Logistics Simulator generates data driven results for performance changing outcomes, whether provided as an Advisory service or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

By mimicking real-world operational characteristics, predictive simulation provides clarity and confidence for decision making across the LNG value chain and through project life-cycles.

  • Source

    Drilling Schedules
    Ratio of Extracted Products
    Ramp-up Options

  • Production

    Production Rates
    Storage Choices
    Reliability, Availability and Maintenance

  • Shipping

    Berthing Operations
    Ship Scheduling
    DES, FOB and Spot Cargoes
    Weather and Traffic Disruption

  • Regasification

    Regas Rates 
    Storage Choices 
    Reliability, Availability and Maintenance

  • Delivery

    Gas Send Out
    Customer Nominations
    Demand Seasonality

Our LNG Advisory Services

Pre-FEED and FEED Validation

LNG operators simulate extraction rates, liquefaction production rates, equipment reliability, onshore and floating storage options, maintenance schedules and strategies, and the impact of scaling operations to assess choices and validate plans.

Operational Insight

Predictive simulations enable you to understand the dynamics of your LNG operation, clearly communicating the impact of design decisions and commercial choices through an engaging, visual analytics interface.

From Design to Live

Our simulations rapidly stress test the implications of technical and financial options throughout the entire project lifecycle, from pre-FEED and FEED studies to commercial operations, giving you the certainty to make the make the best decisions. 

De-Risk Your Investment

The LNG Logistics Simulator is designed to give our LNG customers and partners the ability to respond rapidly to changing events by creating their own scenarios as and when they wish.

Unrivaled Capability

We employ the best people in the business to give global LNG operators access to a dedicated team with unrivalled expertise, insight and experience.

Our Unique Approach

Lanner's solutions make it easy for LNG owners and operators to access proven technology, modelling methodology and the deep industry knowledge of our experienced analysts.

LNG Logistics Simulator

Lanner's vast experience in this market has been encapsulated within a suite of configurable LNG simulation modules that cover the entire LNG Value Chain from source to customer. Together these form a comprehensive, rapidly deployable solution that models your specific plans, delivering both insight into proposals and foresight to manage potential problems down the line.

Lanner’s LNG Logistics Simulator offers configurable models for:

  • Liquefaction Terminals — Trains,Storage, Jetties, Berths, Channels
  • Shipping — Fleet, Voyage and Portfolio Planning
  • Receiving Terminal — Regasification, Demand and Nominations

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Lanner’s simulation solutions provide independent, evidence-based decision support, giving LNG operators the confidence that their preferred strategies will perform as planned.


Financial improvement LNG operators can minimise losses and enhance revenues using Lanner’s solutions to assess and understand the impact of investment in infrastructure, transport and market development.

Decision support

Lanner’s simulation solutions can be used to optimise decision-making and deliver desired outcomes across the entire LNG value chain from natural gas extraction to end delivery and consumption.