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Maximise Fleet Availability and Manage Through Life Costs

Complex supply chains, unpredictable usage and high customer demand make it challenging to produce fleet plans that deliver availability without impacting on long term sustainability.

Lanner’s fleet management solutions predict short and long term fleet performance based upon the full service model of your business spanning forward operations, training service programmes, maintenance and supply chains.

Predicting future business performance based on the evolving and volatile demands of the fleet, planners are able to test strategies and produce optimal plans for maintaining a healthy fleet, controlling through-life costs and satisfying future demand.

Lanner's Full Service Performance Prediction Solution for Defence Fleet Planning

Maximise Fleet Availability

Drive Through-life Cost Savings

Maintain Service Agility

Support Contractual Bids

Lanner's fleet planning solutions let you develop accurate through-life plans and prove to customers that full service operations can be delivered across the duration of contract bids.

Simulation allows performance to be predicted across all areas of an integrated service for months or years ahead. Analytics of comprehensive predicted data provides the insight and foresight needed to support financial and business planning, minimise bidding risk and clearly demonstrating to customers how availability can be achieved.

Fleet Planning models that support bids can also provide longer term value as reusable assets that can help identify future opportunities to reduce service costs.

Support Contractual Bids for Availability Services
Fleet Plans can be generate with in depth insight into future operating conditions

Create Fleet Plans and Evaluate Options

Plan using a virtual fleet that accurately represents your assets, their usage, location, capabilities, demands on training services, maintenance programmes and all other key areas of the business. By understanding current levels of readiness and simulating the effects of active fleet plans, any future threats to KPIs such as asset availability can be identified. Options to mitigate threats such as deploying alternative assets, rescheduling maintenance or evolving policies can be evaluated and new fleet plans automatically generated.

Fleet Planning Playbook

Rapid creation of optimum fleet plans based on existing demands, business policies and constraints is only the beginning. Lanner’s fleet management solutions allow complex scenarios to be simulated and plans to be prepared for disruptive events such as changing maintenance policies, platform upgrades or urgent deployments. Fleet planners can arm themselves with a comprehensive playbook of viable fleet plans that can ensure availability or assist communications if service negotiations are required.

Develop a playbook for fleet plans for unforeseen events

Training Services Design

Design and validate your training service using forecasted demand for key resources such as pilots, drivers, ground crew, maintenance engineers and instructors. Invest in the right training assets at the right times to ensure operation costs are minimized while still maintaining a service capability oriented towards operational readiness targets.

Availability Forecasting

Fleet plans include availability forecasts so that periods when availability will fail to meet contractual agreements can be identified, along with the root cause, allowing proactive remedial action.

Asset Lifecycle Management

A digital model visualising the health of the fleet over time allows asset value to be optimised and costs minimised from inception to retirement.

Integrated Fleet Planning

Manage the entire fleet operation from a single application ensuring plans account for maintenance, spares, capability upgrades and training.

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