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Predictive Simulation and virtual modelling has been used on numerous projects throughout the Criminal Justice and policing landscape.

Optimise resources & processes

Manage change and meet targets

Manage centralised functions & prioritise tasks

PRISM - a decision support software solution

PRISM has been developed specifically to support national justice systems, delivering a best practice approach to solving common complex challenges. PRISM allows you to virtually guarantee, visualise and communicate the effect of changes on performance letting managers take full control of their operations. PRISM has been developed specifically for the needs of those making management decisions across call handling, incident response, custody and forensics.

Specifically you can:

  • Analyse processes that are currently in play, highlight bottlenecks inhibiting the optimum performance of your resources (e.g. in call handling, incidence response and neighbourhood policing, crime recording, intelligence processes and custody and case preparation)
  • Map out scenarios based on multiple dynamic variables in order to build business cases
  • Use cutting edge technology that is flexible and responsive to your specific needs
  • Examine business processes and develop recommendations that are evidence based
  • Improve customer service by ensuring that the incoming telephone calls and deployment of officers are as efficient as possible
  • Streamline the operations between different departments and drive improvements in the number and speed of offences processed throughout our justice system.

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Optimise resources

The efficient use of resources within an ever changing criminal justice environment requires an approach that can deal with real complexity. When not dealt with, costs are sometimes managed incorrectly and budgets are often blown. Predictive simulation handles allows you to identify and deploy the right quantity and allocation of human resources and other assets; be it call handling operators, custody officers or incident response units.

The merging of police forces and the sharing of specialist services is also a common issue. By using predictive simulation, you are able to correctly assess strategic options and benchmark to focus improvement activities - new teams can be formulated and services shared in the most effective way possible based on a thorough analysis.

Reduce the risks associated with change

In an area where you need to respond to many complex changes quickly, the risks of making mistakes can be significant. Improving the effectiveness and efficiency in bringing offenders to justice and in supervising community and custodial punishment are crucial. How can you make changes with the certainty that they’ll achieve their intended results before you implement them? The use of predictive simulation provides the answer for many criminal justice organisations. Changes can be implemented through ‘evidenced' best practice, achieving clear understanding from everyone involved.

Meet and exceed targets

In an industry which is subject to stringent financial and service targets it is crucial to deploy the right tools to maximise investment benefits. Within only 2 weeks of deploying PRISM, Lanner's customers were able to analyse existing data and examine current processes to develop change recommendations that would allow them to meet target performance criteria.