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WITNESS Hall of Fame

Lanner is delighted to recognise individuals who over an extended period have made a significant contribution to their organisation through the application of WITNESS Simulation.

Each of the persons listed below has promoted the use of simulation and used WITNESS to great effect. They have proved that when simulation is applied well it offers an essential part of the toolkit for making superior decisions.

Below you can find References to papers on Simulation by Hall of Fame inductees

Effects of product postponement on the distribution network: a case study
S Kumar1, DA Nottestad2 and EE Murphy2
1 University of St. Thomas, Minneapolis, MN, USA
2 3M Company, St. Paul, MN, USA

Journal of the Operational Research Society (2009) 60, 471-480
Classification analysis for simulation of the duration of machine breakdowns
L Lu1, CSM Currie1, RCH Cheng1 and J Ladbrook2
1 School of Mathematics, University of Southampton, Southampton, UK;
2 Dunton Technical Centre, Ford Motor Company, Essex, UK

Journal of the Operational Research Society (2011) 62, 760-767
Case study: modelling passenger flows in Heathrow Terminal 5
A Beck
British Airways, Harmondsworth, UK
Journal of Simulation (2011) 5, 69-76