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  • By Lanner
  • In News
  • Posted 10/08/2021

Lanner is pleased to announce that the latest version of our flagship predictive simulation software, WITNESS Horizon 24.0, is now available to download.

Designed with ease of use and speed to answer in mind, WITNESS Horizon 24.0 seamlessly combines efficient desktop modelling and scalable cloud execution, enabling users to work more productively and make smart business decisions using simulation, experimentation, optimisation and visualisation.

Scaled Experimentation with WITNESS – The Vision

For over 20 years, Lanner’s WITNESS predictive simulation software has empowered businesses to build digital twins of their operations. During this time, Lanner has been committed to evolving with customer and technology demands, developing WITNESS into the productive, scalable, integrated development and deployment tool it is today.

With this vision at the forefront of our development cycles, WITNESS Horizon 24.0 has been designed to support scalable deployment of multiple experimentation scenarios, with both enhanced features and a new fully integrated connectivity to Lanner’s subscription-based cloud execution service,

A web-based service that allows WITNESS models to be deployed on the cloud, offers access to multiple virtual cores, meaning scenarios can be run efficiently on a zero-technology footprint, without tying up the modeller’s time or desktop capacity. also brings additional features and benefits to customers, enabling WITNESS solutions to be embedded into external systems, as demonstrated by the work we have done with The MTC and their Factory in a Box project or custom apps, such as Lanner’s Brewery Game, which uses technology to execute the scenarios created by the players.

Turbo-charged Analysis

WITNESS already features Experimentation capabilities, which allows users to experiment with, and optimise, models quickly and effectively, leveraging the power of multi-core processing on the modeller’s PC. However, customers are increasingly looking to scale-up the number of experiments they are running which, depending on the size and complexity of the models, can take a significant amount of time when relying on the desktop’s own processing capability to handle so many scenarios.

Now, with WITNESS Horizon 24.0, users can subscribe to to provide as much scalable capacity as they need, directly within WITNESS, then run multiple, large-scale experiments. This integrated connectivity between WITNESS Horizon 24.0 and empowers users to run models faster than ever before, across multiple cores on the cloud.

Large batches of experiments that might have once taken hours can now take minutes, creating more efficient experimentation and results generation.

Empowering Predictive Digital Twin Modelling

The new features within WITNESS Horizon 24.0 are designed to empower modellers and analysts as they execute simulation models as part of their organisation’s Digital Twin strategy.

As demands on time grow, and business answers are needed quicker than ever, WITNESS Horizon 24.0 will maximise experimentation productivity and facilitate a more efficient way of working with predictive simulation assets, freeing up more time to analyse scenario output and make more informed decisions.

If you are a maintained customer, then you can download WITNESS Horizon 24.0 from the MyLanner portal today. For more information regarding the latest release and the subscription service, you can contact us here.

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