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  • By Lanner
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  • Posted 13/11/2014

Latest Release of Lanner’s Flagship Simulation Platform Delivers World Class 3D Visualisation, enhancing its Decision Support Capability

Lanner, a provider of predictive simulation technology proven to maximise performance and optimise resources, today announced details of WITNESS 14, the latest release of its flagship simulation and modelling platform. Unprecedented 3D and Virtual Reality (VR) capabilities are the stand out features of this new release, empowering users to demonstrate the impact of business process change in realistic 3D environments typically associated with high-end engineering applications.

The WITNESS 14 Quick3D capability allows users to generate a full 3D model based on a 2D design with just a single mouse click, maintaining modelling productivity. Quick3D is powered by the Virtalis™ Visionary Render™ engine which delivers stunningly quick yet highly detailed 3D environments and model animation. WITNESS users who wish to implement and experience their models within a real-time, interactive and fully immersive VR environment are now able to do so through seamless integration with the full Virtalis Visionary Render platform. Visionary Render for WITNESS allows users to connect and extend their WITNESS simulation workflow directly into a full VR suite – perfect for those wishing to deliver a rich, detailed environment for performing distributed model reviews, facilitating discussion of design concepts, validating operational schedules or testing maintenance procedures.

The superior visual representation of business process change in Quick3D and Visionary Render for WITNESS allows users to communicate their models to senior managers, internal teams, and stakeholders more easily and effectively, expediting decision-making and driving business agility and performance.

“Virtual Reality and visual representation of process simulation is the key theme in our latest release, WITNESS 14. Having realised that 3D was the next frontier for Lanner and WITNESS, Lanner searched the market place for the foremost proponent in Europe. Virtalis has been a leading VR specialist for over 20 years and their latest software, Visionary Render™, had wonderful synergy with WITNESS. Our R&D team has worked closely with Virtalis over the last 12 months to develop both WITNESS Quick3D and the comprehensive Visionary Render for WITNESS,” comments David Jones, CEO, Lanner. “Having launched our most flexible and powerful version of WITNESS to date in 2013, WITNESS 14 builds on this, adding visualisation capabilities which help our customers communicate business cases to their peers and stakeholders. With WITNESS 14 and with support from our technology partner, Virtalis, we strongly believe that we lead the way in both functionality and presentation, representing a compelling proposition for anyone embarking upon a business process improvement programme in the next 12 months.”

About Virtalis

Virtalis is a world-leading Virtual Reality (VR) and advanced visualisation company. Our reputation is based on our numerous, successful installations and reference sites worldwide. Whether it is a desktop solution, a portable visualisation system or a fully immersive, PC-clustered, multi-channel stereoscopic 3D display system, Virtalis has successfully designed, installed and supported them all. Virtalis’ software team is both unique and unrivalled in the world and has created many VR software applications, both standalone and which add value to COTS packages, with Visionary RenderTM being transformative to CAD/PLM users. Get more information at

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