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  • Posted 04/10/2022

Lanner, part of Royal HaskoningDHV Digital, have launched the latest version of its flagship software. WITNESS Horizon 25.0 is the most up-to-date incarnation of Lanner’s WITNESS predictive simulation software which enables businesses to create dynamic predictive digital twins of existing or planned business operations, allowing ‘what if’ scenarios to be fully tested before committing time, resources, and money.

This latest release of WITNESS is designed and enhanced for ease of use and the ability to build, interact and update models quicker than ever before, giving modellers the power to create real business change quicker and more efficiently.

These enhancements come on the back of WITNESS Horizon 24.0, released in 2021, that expanded the service that allows simulation models to be deployed on the cloud with the capacity to run large-scale experimentation quickly.

Lanner’s commitment to ongoing development of improved usability and scalability means WITNESS continues to prove itself as one of the world’s leading predictive simulation tools.

Efficiency and Ease

The release of WITNESS Horizon 25.0 puts the user experience at the forefront. Upgrades to the user interface reduce the clicks and navigation required to edit the most common simulation modeling elements, creating a more agile and productive way of working.

Features in WITNESS Horizon 25.0 include:

  • Auto Connect functionality helps modelers build and connect their process flow in a single step
  • Properties and Display Panes allow users to update the elements in their models quickly, eliminating multiple clicks and dialogue boxes, updating elements in bulk if required
  • Highlight display for ease-of-use in selecting elements in models
  • Descriptive Names for elements to quickly replace ‘techy’ names with names familiar to stakeholders for presentations
  • New export options allow users to export models to different versions of WITNESS, providing more flexibility in how models are shared

A preview feature is available alongside WITNESS Horizon 25.0 that allows a high-quality 3D view of the model to be replayed after the run, capturing video snippets to share with stakeholders without access to the software.

"This latest release reinforces Lanner and RHDHV's commitment to enhancing our software capabilities to meet the demands of our users and help them acheive their business goals" says Sander Zweers, Chief Commercial Officer - Business Unit Software at Royal HaskoningDHV Digital. "We are already looking ahead to the next release of WITNESS, enhancing these capabilities further with greater visual support to truly bring the models to life."

Developing a Digital Twin Eco System

For over 25 years, Lanner’s WITNESS predictive simulation software has empowered businesses to build digital twins of their operations. During this time, Lanner has been committed to evolving with customer and technology demands, developing WITNESS into the productive, scalable, integrated development and deployment tool it is today.

As the demand for Digital Twins continues to grow, with an eco-system of physical assets, processes or systems all being connected, WITNESS Horizon underpins the creation of the Digital Twin with its predictive simulation capabilities.

Current maintained Lanner customers can download WITNESS Horizon 25.0 from the MyLanner portal. For more information about this latest release contact us today.

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