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  • Posted 14/08/2007

Lanner Group, the business process analysis company today announced a partnership agreement with Legion, the pedestrian simulation company which specialises in optimising the design and operation of public spaces. 

The partnership was agreed as both Lanner and Legion recognise that many organisations require simulation capabilities which optimise both processes and space. By collaborating to offer both aspects, organisations can map the entire customer journey – whether that customer is a commuter looking to get to work on time, a holidaymaker catching a flight during a bank holiday weekend, or a football fan attending the FA cup final.

By combining process and people modelling in a particular environment, a comprehensive analysis can be undertaken which looks at planned and peak traffic, movement, evacuation and emergency, mapped against all business processes. As a result, efficiencies can be maximised, risk minimised, productivity optimised and profitability increased.

One area in particular which will benefit from the partnership is the airport sector, and a pilot of the two types of simulation is currently underway in a major international airport network.

David Jones, CEO, Lanner, comments:

“I’m very excited about our partnership with Legion. Simulation has the propensity to take the uncertainty out of major business change and can take the risk factor out of the planning process. Airports are a great example of where this partnership can add value as the customer journey is immensely complex. The human brain simply doesn’t have the capability to be able to analyse the many processes and behaviours which define the customer journey therefore simulation is integral to optimising productivity, efficiencies and improving the customer experience.”

Kevin Mannion, CEO, Legion, comments:

“Using simulation technology to improve the overall customer journey and ensure that it is an efficient, profitable journey, is as close to certainty as is possible to achieve. Our clients already benefit from improved cost management, better risk management, improved security planning and increased comfort and safety for their customers. Our partnership with Lanner means that we will be able to enhance this offering to optimise the business processes which underpin the customer journey and increase efficiencies and productivity gains further still.”

About Legion:

Legion is the company behind the leading pedestrian simulation software, Studio 2006 and its accompanying animation software, Legion 3D 2006. Both are used worldwide to optimise the design and operation of public spaces. Such spaces typically include: transport terminals; sport, entertainment and leisure venues; shopping centres; commercial and public buildings; and venues for major international events like the Olympics. Legion’s broad global portfolio includes clients such as Transport for London, NYCT New York, Madrid Metro and MTR Hong Kong; partners such as AECOM, ARUP and Parsons Brinckerhoff; and high-profile projects that include the Sydney, Athens, Beijing and London Olympics. Using Legion software leads to improved cost management, better risk management, improved security planning, and increased comfort and safety in public places. Legion’s patented simulation technology is the result of many years’ inter-disciplinary research into pedestrian behaviour. The accuracy of simulations has been independently tested against real-world data resulting in endorsements by, among others: Crossrail, London Fire Brigade, London Underground and Santiago Metro.

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