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  • Posted 15/09/2010

Entitled “Fortune’s Accomplice?” our latest Executive Briefing paper looks at the simulation of risks and controls within business processes.

Aimed at business leaders across manufacturing, financial services, compliance and risk management, our latest Executive Briefing paper 'Fortune's Accomplice' explores risks and controls in place throughout many businesses and how simulation and optimisation can improve results.

David Jones, CEO, Lanner Group explains: “Our executive briefing series is a very successful string of thought leadership papers looking at where simulation can improve modern organisations"

“As we have recently developed the ability to simulate not only risks in business processes but the impact of controls put in place to minimise those risks, we have taken a look at the role of simulation when it comes to risk overall.

“Risk is obviously inherent in business and is in fact critical to growth, but simulation has a vital role to play in making sure that risk is correctly handled with the right controls put in place. There is a danger inherent in implementing new systems without a confident and comprehensive prediction of their likely impact. This has been part of the business case for simulation for many years."

“Simulation cannot only demonstrate the right control to be used, but also, via optimisation, the best way it should be used. Because simulation identifies and analyses an end-to-end process as a series of smaller sub-processes of cause and effect, it can show the impact of a single change, throughout the complete chain.”

For your free copy of Fortune’s Accomplice, please visit:

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