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DB Netz uses BPM to optimise the fault clearing process on their rail lines.


DB Netz manages and maintains the 34,000km of track on Germany’s railways. The attached presentation describes the use of (Business Process Modelling) BPM combined with simulation to optimise the fault clearing process at regional division RB East and increase train punctuality.

DB Netz uses IDS Scheer’s ARIS software products to continuously improve their business processes. ARIS in turn, relies upon Lanner’s L-SIM, a highly efficient native BPMN software simulation engine.

The presentation describes how simulation of the current process identified the complex interactions that were resulting in long waiting times. It goes on to demonstrate how the simulation provided a risk free environment in which to evaluate options, finding savings of 28%, 28% and 37% in the first three critical steps of the process chain.

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