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  • By Tony Waller
  • In Blog
  • Posted 07/06/2016

The latest version of WITNESS is available to download for maintained customers now. Find out more about WITNESS Horizon below or head over to to upgrade.

Experience the new WITNESS Horizon interface featuring floating element toolbars, new model menus and designer element packs that align your 2D and 3D modelling workflows.

Maintained customers can upgrade their software now 


New animation controls for the movement and rotation of elements in addition to enhanced rendering of graphics make WITNESS Horizon ideal for creating presentation and communication materials for colleagues and customers.

Those using continuous elements for modelling fluid movements will see increased precision and stability within their models. WITNESS Horizon offers new controls for managing multiple fluids within tanks, increased vessel transparency and flow interrupt actions.


Stand out features of WITNESS Horizon

New User Interface

The new user interface has been designed to help users develop their models as easily and efficiently as possible. Offering a clean style and refreshed icons that make the modelling experience more intuitive and you more productive.


Floating Toolbar

Element properties can now be access directly from the design surface using a new floating toolbar that lets you control quantities, process times and the visual look of your elements.

Element Packs

Add-ons that expand on the basic designer element sets in WITNESS so that visually stunning models can be created rapidly - leaving you to concentrate on logic rather than hunting for graphical assets.


Improved Display Rendering

WITNESS Horizon takes advantage of enhance rendering capabilities to sharpen and enhance detailing of your model’s 2D visualisation making your models look great on ultra high resolution 4K displays.

Continuous Enhancements

WITNESS continuous elements are generally used to represent processes containing fluid where tanks, pipes and processors are required. They have also been used to represent processes in a fluid manner, for example, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), where high volumes passing through processes at high speeds can be more easily represented as fluid flowing. New functionality has been added to help user manage fluids within their models including;

  • Fluid mixtures in tanks can now be split using FLOW or CONNECT rules. So for tanks containing more than one fluid type, individual fluid types can flow out of the tanks, leaving all others in place. This is particularly useful for processes where settling periods are used in tanks such that separation of fluids can take place (for example, separating oil and water), where the different types can now flow out individually
  • To tie in with the fluid splitting in tanks capability, functionality has been added to find the volume of a particular fluid in a pipe, tank or processor
  • In models that combine the discrete and continuous worlds, where parts are filled with fluid, a mechanism has now been added to allow the interruption of parts filling or emptying such that parts no longer have to be completely full or empty in order to move on. This is useful where there are disruptions that mean that processes need to be terminated earlier than planned


Move and Rotation Commands for 2D and 3D displays

Move and rotate your model elements in both 2D and 3D space through easy to use animation commands. Perfect for demonstrating new concepts or visualising complex operations before they are put into place.

Visit the support portal for more information, to download WITNESS Horizon and watch an overview video of the new release.

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