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  • By Tony Waller
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  • Posted 06/12/2013

As Tony Waller travels to WinterSim, he has visited some new WITNESS users along the way....

I’m currently en route to the WinterSim conference in Washington and visiting customers in New York and Connecticut – in fact it’s been an exciting few days catching up with some old friends and meeting new WITNESS users in healthcare – in both hospital management and equipment manufacture.

In evidence is the revolution in healthcare with ever more ingenious treatments and procedures. New processes and new manufacturing techniques all need testing with simulation in order to guarantee that they will work smoothly in practice. That simulation can start very early in the product (or process) planning stages. At any level of design there is always an appropriate level of modeling to test the practicalities and efficiencies of what is planned. This week I’ve seen very early implementation of this by customers who understand modeling at all the levels.

So now I’m travelling on to WinterSim and look forward to the presentations, starting with the Phd presentations and poster session on the Sunday – always a source of inspiration. For all WITNESS customers who are planning to be there I look forward to seeing you and sharing and hearing the latest simulation developments and stories.

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