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  • Posted 25/06/2021

If you tuned in to our  recent webinar focusing on strategic planning for the future, you will have seen us explore the topics and themes that support the development of resilient and agile processes within a business. Predictive digital twin technology is instrumental in business resiliency planning, as it allows you to test ideas and ask “what-if” questions in a virtual, risk-free environment. However, just having access to the technology is no guarantee of success.

Think of any digital transformation project as a tripod. There are three main focuses: technology, people and processes. If one is overlooked, you jeopardize the success of the entire plan.

Alongside technology, it is vital that attention is paid to the people and processes involved.

Here’s how Lanner’s Oliver Bird explained it in our recent webinar:

Change is a big word! The prospect of change can be daunting, and it is important to find alignment among the people that change will affect. All key stakeholders should be engaged and on board with the proposed changes.

Additionally, empowering the users of any new technology is crucial. Ensuring they are suitably trained in the tool or technology’s usage supports success and can create a culture of innovation by allowing room for creative and flexible thinking. Without the right people in the right places to run and manage new technology, you risk not fully realizing the benefits of these tools.

It's important to understand how any new technology fits into your end-to-end processes. A digital twin can support that full understanding, and it’s important to have clear governance of who owns and runs the tools, who manages the data required for the tools and how those tools are deployed. Having these elements clearly defined helps ensure the successful deployment of new digital technology. It’s also essential that the business problems being asked stay at the forefront of your process development so that you do not lose sight of your overall focus and strategy. Keeping these questions in focus throughout means you will emerge from the modeling journey with a model fit for purpose and that gives maximum value to the business.

Our experienced team of consultants can help guide you through your digital journey and ensure that you too have the people and processes in place to support the technology and to get the most out of your digital assets.

With over 30 years of development and experience within the Digital Twin world, Lanner’s digital twin technology delivers valuable insights into business operations. A digital twin of your business can uncover the information you need to improve decision making, de-risk planning, and satisfy customers.

To watch the full webinar,  click here. If you’d like to discuss your specific business challenges and how Lanner’s solutions might support your business resiliency planning, please click here to contact us.

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