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  • Posted 21/04/2020

Launched exclusively at last year's Smart Factory Expo, Lanner has now made available our interactive microbrewery game, which tasks people with becoming a microbrewer looking to maximise their weekly profits.

The challenge imagines players are the owner of a microbrewery. Having secured £60,000 in investment funding, players are to make the necessary changes to achieve a weekly profit. In order to do this they are given access to the brewery’s ‘digital twin’ to test ideas for improvements.

"It is a simplified version of what Lanner’s technology can do for real businesses, with players able to experiment with over 16m combinations of improvements and upgrades,"
explained Graeme Routledge, Lanner’s Head of Marketing.
‘We’ve replicated the sometimes very limited information that owners might have access to if they have any form of monitoring system throughout their process. Ultimately, this limited information can cause people to invest in areas that are not critical to their business performance when considered in isolation. The game allows players to analyse the system as whole, understand the balances and trade-offs in play and discover investments that make the highest impact on overall profits.’

The interactive game enables players to simulate as many scenarios as they like and learn and tinker with different improvement combinations before ‘real world’ decisions are made.

Scores get entered on a leader board and people can try to beat their top profit scores, or the scores of their colleagues, by running as many further scenarios as they would like.

"Understanding the complex systems in modern business is big challenge and making the right decisions regarding policies, investments and change decision is very difficult. This challenge aims to show businesses how digital twins (such as those offered by Lanner) are the solution to this challenge in an interesting and fun way," said Routledge.

To take on the Lanner DigitAle Challenge, click here.

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