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  • By Rebecca Elizondo
  • In Blog
  • Posted 29/08/2012

Lanner welcomes back guest blogger Rebeca Elizondo, who recently visited Lanner’s UK Head Office to attend a Specialist WITNESS Course

A year ago, I attended a WITNESS Certified Practitioner Training Course, at Lanner’s office in Houston, US. It was a great experience, which defined the starting point of my interest to continue my training on simulation topics, especially the use of WITNESS. Following the course I became aware that additional training was the only way to ensure quality and confidence in the services that I provide as a simulation consultant, through my company, RBC Simulation Solutions S.A.

It was then that I started to inquire about additional courses to further expand my knowledge, whilst I was gradually implementing what I knew about WITNESS.

Finally, I was able to find the date, the course, the Lanner trainers and a venue for attending a specialist WITNESS Course. I was able to select four specific topics to focus on: Scenario Manager, Tracks and Vehicles, Continuous Elements and MS Excel linked to WITNESS´s elements.

The course started on a Monday, and as the week progressed, I remembered the phrase: "Think big and you will achieve more than you imagine!" ... because the truth is, that's what happened to me with this experience.

My main focus was on the training being given on the Specialist Course; however I also had the great opportunity to receive the training in England, at Lanner's Head Office, which allowed me to not only take the course, but also stay in touch with several team members, all of them incredible consultants, as well as their COO, Andrew Aitken. I was able to meet and share with them my experiences, and I admire them, not only for their intellectual capacity and experience, but the human quality that is perceived from the moment you walk into the Lanner office.

I feel privileged, because during the course I received training for each selected topic from an expert in that field. Books and manuals can guide us to become better modelers, but the experience of working alongside experts with real-life examples, which can be applied to cases that I have had to face, is invaluable.

In addition to the training, I have expanded my barriers, my expectations and my dreams about this great idea. Not only have I received great knowledge, I now feel better supported by a professional team, which has again confirmed why a year ago, I decided to invest in WITNESS software: because I am offered the support and backing that I need to be successful in my project as a Business Consultant in Process Simulation.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank this great team, for their patience, simplicity, support and motivation to keep going, to show the world that simulation is a great tool to help our clients to find out effective and reliable solutions to their business problems, and that there´s no limits to this great race, which for me is just beginning!

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