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  • By Abigail Hancher
  • In Blog
  • Posted 01/04/2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a lot of uncertainty and disruption in our lives. How we work has changed drastically and we are unable to see our colleagues, friends and family in person; but we have seen positives as we adapt and come together in the face of adversity.

Digital transformation and ways of working have seen unprecedented leaps forward and predictive technologies, such as simulation and Artificial Intelligence algorithms (like those provided by our sister company Ynformed), are supporting critical decisions around the world.

Community spirit is stronger than ever, and many have volunteered to support nations and critical services (such as the UK’s National Health Service) during the epidemic.

Here in the UK, the Royal Society have put out an urgent call to action to the scientific modelling community, looking for those with modelling and data science skills to offer their services to help model the COVID-19 pandemic and enhance the modelling capacity needed to create a clearer understanding of different exit strategies from the lockdown that has been initiated.

We know that while the current global situation has created a greater workload for some of our WITNESS users, some, both academically and commercially, are finding their workloads reduced, and this opportunity offers an excellent chance for those people to apply their skills to such a worthwhile project .

Full information regarding The Royal Society’s call to action can be found here. The deadline to register your willingness to assist is Thursday 2nd April at 5pm BST.

Lanner is continuing to support all of our customers during this time, if you do need any additional support, whether it is how predictive simulation can be used during times of uncertainty or how we can help facilitate remote working, please get in touch via

And while this is a UK initiative, we would love to hear about any other International projects which we will be happy to support. Please get in touch if we can help in anyway way! 

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