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  • By Ashley Hanson
  • In Blog
  • Posted 22/08/2011

Ashley Hanson takes a look at the first day of WITNESS User Conference Americas

Traditionally during WITNESS User Conferences Lanner consultants share a diverse overview of Lanner projects from across the globe. First up from the Lanner team this year was WITNESS consultant of 22 years Andy Emmerson, presenting two recent Lanner simulation projects at ARINC Engineering Services (OK, USA) and Coca Cola Enterprises (Northampton, England.)

Offering a swift gallop through the two case studies (which could easily have taken up the whole session just by themselves), Andy’s overview of the ARINC Engineering Services case study featured the firm’s work with WITNESS as the company planned to expand its Aircraft modification and operations center (AMOC). Andy offered a synopsis of the Oklahoma City based company’s pragmatic and straightforward approach to putting together a decision support model for board members; you can access the case study here.

Moving on to the second half of Andy’s presentation, he gave an overview of a project with Coca Cola Enterprises who are working towards increasing business through the firm’s Northampton, UK, distribution center. An internal project team set up by Coca Cola Enterprises with Lanner consultants worked together to create models and video simulations that analyze areas where efficiency could be improved, giving the company impressive savings of nearly $2 million as it works towards its goal to double its revenue by 2014.

And after that the morning session was officially closed and it was off to a delicious buffet lunch!

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