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  • By Mandy Tague
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  • Posted 07/03/2013

With the date of the MSUG conference announced, Mandy Tague is looking for guest speakers to discuss the ways in which they utilize simulation

When we were coming up with the theme for our annual MSUG meeting it caught my attention when I overheard a colleague suggest “New horizons in discrete event simulation” and it got me thinking. If you are not changing your business process to be more agile you are behind the times. What is on the “horizon” must include some changes.

So how do you go about making changes in an industry that sometimes stagnates because either companies haven’t been introduced to simulation modelling or have attempted projects that wane because the modeller has moved on or groups have repositioned within the organization. Those that are experienced with using simulation within their company know that simulation must be used to promote change.

At the Michigan Simulation User Group (MSUG) it’s our mission and goal to not only introduce new members to the power of simulation modelling but also to help those in the industry learn new ways in which simulation is being utilized. As an organization we invite our members to learn pertinent strategies in Discrete Event Simulation to increase their effectiveness and overall promote events to help companies learn how to make simulation software work in their companies.

With that we are excited to announce the dates for our upcoming Annual MSUG Conference, October 16, 2013 at the Michigan State Management Education Center, Troy, Michigan. Mark your calendar!

We are always interested to hear how you are using simulation to make better decisions for your company and if you would like to share your experiences with our group, drop me an email!

We look forward to seeing you there! 

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